Our perfect guide to buying a hand trolley

Being one of the most used equipment in any commercial or industrial premises you mustn’t miss out on a hand trolley Melbourne in the list of gadgets that you want to buy for your factory.

Now, with so many features, shapes designs, and sizes one might often get lost out and forget to check out some important key things that you need to comply with the industrial certifications and standards.

Here we will give you a perfect buying guide when you are on the hunt for industrial trolleys.

What are the different types of hand trolleys?

As mentioned above that there are various types of hand trolley Melbourne out there but not all of them are fit for your end-use.

Check out the types of trolleys here-

Plastic trolleys.

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As the name suggests, these hand trolleys and hand trucks are made of plastic. But that does not just mean any plastic. They are made of a special type of industrial-grade plastic the load-carrying capacity of the trolley and also to make it lightweight at the same time.

Even then you should avoid using them for heavyweight purposes such as the lifting of heavy loads and objects. These are commonly seen in offices, office pantries, kitchens, and even in shopping malls.

Metal trolleys

When you consider the metal trolleys there are generally two more subdivisions based on the type of metal that they are constituted from. this includes steel and aluminum.

Of course, there is no doubt in saying that the aluminum trolleys are lightweight but also have a lower weight-bearing capacity.

The ones made of steel probably have the largest load-carrying capacity on them. You can easily use them to carry large heavy objects such as metal scraps, larger bulkier items such as car engines, machinery parts, and other items.

This is why a hand trolley Melbourne made of steel is largely used in the warehouses, logistical units, assembly lines, etc.

Being bulkier in weight it is difficult to manually maneuver them in small spaces.

Cage trolleys

The caged trolleys have a wired mesh-like structure open from the top. This cage ensures that the items kept on top of the load platform do not fall apart or slip through. The cage trolleys are also seen in warehouses and shopping malls. These have a decent weight carrying capacity and you can easily expect a few hundred kilos to be transported at once.

Stair trolleys

The stair trolleys are the best used for stairs or sloping platforms. If you don’t have elevators in your industry or factory this is where these trolleys can be your choice. This is a type of hand truck or hand trolley Melbourne that is made and designed using specially designed castors and wheelsets.

With a simple three-wheel configuration you can easily maneuver the trolleys even on highly sloping surfaces. Of course, the wheels are also attached to manual brakes that can be applied to stop the trolley from falling over even when standing on a sloping surface.

Powered platform trolleys

You see even with the metal or aluminum trolleys they still have one end which does not have any wheel and thus you need to lift it manually. But this is not the same in the case of a powered platform hand trolley Melbourne.

With the powered platforms which are operated using stitches and control buttons, you can ensure that the load platform is up to a certain height above the ground and the manual lifting operation of the trolley is kept at a bare minimum.

Should you buy the foldable trolleys?

The foldable trolleys save you a lot of space inside the factory premises as they don’t need too much storage space. You can easily fold them when they are not in operation.

Where can you buy trolleys?

To buy a hand truck Melbourne or a hand trolley you can consider buying it directly from a manufacturer, wholesaler, or even buy online.

With online buying, you should first check out the authenticity of the online seller and then choose your hand trolleys and hand trucks accordingly.

Do ensure to read the product descriptions and reviews once before ordering them. You also need to check the online terms and conditions for cancellation and refund.

Among the other things that have to be checked is the transportation or shipping cost and whether you have to pay taxes or customs charges if you are buying from a foreign seller or manufacturer.