Our Essential Guide For Selection Of Perfect Basketball Rugs

Are you in search of a beautiful and eye-catchy basketball-themed rug to decorate your bedroom, but not able to find a perfect one? Well, Furnish My Place presents you with a perfect guide that explains how to buy the right basketball rug for your space, in detail.

The size of the rug:

The size of the rug plays a huge role in changing the dynamic of the room. A right-sized rug will not only define your space, but also make your room look more symmetric and tidy. So, the first thing you should do is to analyze and measure the part of the space where you want to place your basketball rug. Leave a few inches of gap between the rug and wall and make sure that the rug is sized proportionally to your bed or sofa or any other furniture in your room.

Shape of the rug:

Another major thing to look for while buying a basketball rug is the shape of the rug. How to select the right shape for your space? Well, the shape of the rug depends on the shape and space of your bedroom, playroom, living area or any other area of your interest. If you have a lot of space in the center of your room then you can go for either a rectangular one or a circular one. If you want a rug for the corners then go for square or rectangular one as it is space-efficient. Based on the availability of the space in your home, you can opt for other unique shapes like oval, octagon, etc. and add more character to your room.

The material of the rug:

Well, the material of the rug is one of the most important factors when looking for a rug, whether it be a sports-themed rug like a basketball rug one or any other kind. The fiber used in making the rug determines the style, durability, softness and overall quality of the rug. There are a lot of fibers available and it is up to you as to what kind of material your floor and surroundings of your house demands. If you are looking for a soft and affordable fiber then cotton is the best option. If the durability of the rug is your priority then opt for jute, sisal, and wool or seagrass. If you want a luxurious feel then silk is the best option. You can even go for synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc.

Rug care:

Want to see your rug like a brand new one each and every day? Well, it is possible with regular cleaning and maintenance. There are different ways of cleaning a rug and it all depends on the kind of rug you have bought. If your rugs are made of cotton or wool and are small in size then they are probably machine washable, but in case of larger basketball rugs, dry cleaning is the best option. If you have got rugs with synthetic fibers then vacuum at least twice a week to maintain their charm.

Rug pads are a must:

Rug pads are the most important thing to look for while buying a sports-themed rug or another kind of rug as they prevent slipping or accidental falls. Rubber padding at the back of your rug prevents your rugs from wrinkling, buckling or sliding. So it is a must in your rug.

We at Furnish My Place strive to provide our customers with a huge range of sports themed rugs like basketball rugs along with other categories of rugs as well. All our rugs are machine made with wonderful finishing and are available in different sizes, shapes, themes and designs. Our carpets are of extremely good quality and are highly affordable. We hope our guidance on how to buy a perfect basketball rug helps you find the right one for your space. Do visit our online site i.e. FurnishMyPlace.com and explore all the amazing rugs we have in store.

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