Our 2020 International Lifestyle Renaissance Man: International Designer / Fashion Lifestyle Icon, Justin Haynes

Lifestyle: the interests, opinions, behaviours, and orientations of an individual, group, or culture. 

Renaissance man: a cultured man who is knowledgeable, educated, or proficient in a wide range of fields. 


Putting these two together can only speak of one well deserving individual. We introduce our 2020 Lifestyle Renaissance Man: Justin Haynes. 


Justin Haynes, founder of JUS10H, made his way to the top of the fashion industry through hard work and dreaming big. Justin is what the fashion industry refers to as a “Ready to Wear Designer.” He primarily focuses on the day-to-day clothing of men, women, and children, as well as the personal lifestyle clothing of his clients all over the world. He has created his own version of the fashion lifestyle, which makes him unique in the industry and gives him the recognition as a Fashion Lifestyle Icon.


In 2010, Justin was working a full-time, stable job when he decided he was ready to conquer his dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Little did he know he would soon become an icon, taking the whole industry by storm. Since his exciting start, he has been awarded “Best Women’s Ready To Wear Designer 2019”, “Fashion and LifeStyle Award” from the Black Business Association 2019, and “Natural Born Artist 2019/2020.” This is a testament to his dedication and persistence through good times and bad. Despite the uncertainty of 2020, Haynes was named Fashion Lifestyle Icon by Google News, AP News, and Business Insider as featured on both NBC and Fox News. He was also named in Top Business Leader 2020 by Yahoo Finance and peaked at #7 on the Top 10 List Top Entrepreneurs of 2020 in USA TODAY.


Justin has created a different kind of style to differentiate himself from the competition. He “pushes the envelope” while embracing his client’s personal style to make them feel comfortable while still making a statement. He explains, “I am an energetic, creative, visionary designer who thrives on pushing the envelope. As it pertains to fashion, I believe you should be true to yourself, walk boldly in what makes you feel good inside and out and never worry about what others may think about you. My business savvy, approach to the industry, and keen eye for details has opened many doors and taken me to new heights.”


But he did not achieve this success overnight. Though now a world-renowned designer, his rise to acclaim began just 10 years ago when he decided to pursue his childhood dream of being a designer. In large part, Justin credits his success to his mother, Gwen Haynes, and Mrs. Jessie Daniels who taught him to sew and create custom garments.


Since then, Justin has been making history across New England. He was the first designer to feature a private show at Springfield City Hall in MA, and the first to hold casting calls at Enfield Square Mall in CT. He had no clue he would later represent Springfield and the entire region as the first fashion designer to present his clothing lines at Fashion Weeks held in New York, Miami, LA, and in Paris at the iconic Eiffel Tower. Additionally, Justin Haynes has designed dresses for award shows and celebrities including Hollywood actress, Briana Roy, from Disney’s hit show, “Raven’s Home.” 


The outbreak of Covid-19 has negatively affected the fashion Industry globally; production has been lowered due to a drop in demand and many retail stores have closed. Even during these uncertain times, Justin continues to jump over hurdles with great strength, courage, and faith to make his global mark. Through his brand, JUS10H, he continues to give photographers and models opportunities to be published in international magazines they wouldn’t have appeared otherwise. He reflects, “My prayer was to remain relevant through this pandemic. I was so worried that this would be a step back for me…but God pushed me to the front of the line. For that, I’m grateful.”


Justin finished a stellar show at CoverGirl right before Covid began to dominate global headlines. Next, NYFW featured his collection with a full digital billboard display in the heart of Times Square, making him the talk of the evening. Not to rest on his laurels, he immediately released not one, but TWO virtual collection shows. “GRAYSCALE” and “ORA” debuted to a full VIP Room plus a virtual audience of over 10,000. Both shows received glowing press reviews that continue to flow in. Justin acknowledges he could not have done any of this without God first, then Andrew Maxwell and Alisica O. He shares, “The level of push these two give is unexplainable. Andrew and I have been friends since high school. He’s never let me down,” he adds.


The consummate renaissance man, you will find Justin Haynes every Sunday morning giving praises to God at two different services. He serves as Director of Worship at Impact Church International under the leadership of Overseer Maurice Porter, then at Abundant Life Worship and Praise Tabernacle where he is chief assistant to his mom and leader, Overseer Gwen Haynes.


Clearly, this honor is very well deserved. Congratulations to our International 2020 Lifestyle Renaissance Man, Justin Haynes.

To learn more about Justin and see his designs, follow him on Instagram @theofficialjus10h and visit www.jus10h.com.


As Photographer: Carl Artking James
US Editor: Alysia Cutting