OTF Knife Double Action: Cleaning and Maintenance 101

Automatic knives aren’t just for the 1950s Greasers and Gangsters. They’re popular nationwide and used in various capacities.


Do you own an OTF knife double action and want to learn more about cleaning and maintaining it?


Keep reading below for the basics of OTF knives, the difference between single and double action, and tips on ensuring it has a long life.


Out-the-Front Knife Basics

It’s easy to spot an OTF or out-the-front knife by the way the blade is released.


Rather than sliding the blade with your thumb or flicking it open, OTF blades are released with a switch or button.


The benefit of using an OTF knife is opening it with one hand. As a result, it’s popular with hunters, fishers, outdoorsman, and even DIYers.


Automatic knives‚ÄĒOTF, switchblades, and gravity knives‚ÄĒhave had a colorful history. Today, these knives are only illegal in 10 states and are available for sale in most knife shops.


There are two kinds of OTF knives: double action and single action. Keep reading below to learn the difference.


OTF Knife Double Action vs. Single Action

The first-ever OTF knife was invented in 1860 and became popular for paratroopers needing to cut tangled parachutes.


Today, buyers have the option of selecting a single action or double action OTF knife.


Both types of OTF use a spring mechanism, but the difference is single action needs to be closed manually. A double action knife can be opened and closed by pressing the button.


Single action knives are typically cheaper because the internal systems are less complicated. This also means they’re less likely to malfunction.


Did you purchase an OTF and want to keep it functioning properly? You’ll have to do regular knife maintenance.


How To Clean and Maintain OTF Knives

Clean your OTF knife regularly to make sure it’s working right.


Is the knife not firing correctly? Does it stick? Is there residue near the opening? These are signs your knife needs to be cleaned.


Keep in mind that double action OTF knives have more moving parts, meaning you’ll need to clean it more frequently.


Here are some tips on OTF double action knife maintenance:


  1. Use a high-quality lubricant like gun oil, Rem oil, and WD-40
  2. Discharge the blade before you start cleaning it
  3. Clean your knife more than once per year
  4. Use compressed air to blow away dust, lint, or debris
  5. Store your knife in a carrying pouch


Most importantly, know the signs of trouble. The more familiar you are with the knife, the easier it’ll be for you to detect a malfunction.


Ready To Invest in an OTF Knife?

Whether you choose OTF knife double action or single action, don’t forget to clean and maintain it regularly. This will ensure it has a long life.


Let’s face it, this type of knife is both versatile and enjoyable to use. It’ll come in handy when you need it.


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