OSRS – Hardest Skills to Reach 99

If you’re looking for a challenge with your OSRS skills, here’s a selection of the hardest skills to max out.

No matter how easy or difficulty is, getting to 99 in an Old School Runescape skill is a trying task. There are a number of key factors to consider when you are maxing out your skills. Having the right materials, patience, and the OSRS gold to spend are all vital. That last point is especially true, since many simply don’t have the sheer amount of OSRS GP to reach 99. This is why many opt to buy OSRS gold to help them achieve their goals. So, unless you are a Twisted Bow wielding character full of riches, you may be contemplating finding OSRS gold for sale yourself.

But which skills are the hardest to reach 99? Here is a list of some of the most difficult skills for you to max out.


This is probably one of your first guesses as to which skills take the longest. Whilst there are more time-consuming skills to reach 99 with, you are still going to be spending nearly 140 hours maxing out the fishing skill if you are using the barbarian fishing technique.

The heavy clicking nature of this skill makes it a particularly uphill method for hitting 99 in a skill. For four tick fishing, you are looking at more like 170 hours for getting to 99, whilst five ticks can take even longer. That said, you can AFK this method, which you should certainly consider.  That being said, fishing is a decent skill for making a bit of profit, and it won’t cost you to max it out.


With agility, you are looking at over 200 hours to reach 99. This finds itself in a deserving place on the list of hardest levels to max out. It’s agreeable amongst the community that this is a real grind to get to 99 with. What makes it especially difficult is the lack of XP that is provided to you on an hourly basis compared to other skills.


Out of all of the skills with the least number of players have reached 99, construction sits in second play. Another display of hefty time consumption awaits you with this skill. You don’t have to worry as much about clicks or the time it takes when up against other skills here. You can hit 99 in around 17 hours, but it’s the cost that it comes at which puts players off.

The methods you use with mahogany can see the amount of OSRS gold you are spending to rack up. You can opt for oak larders instead to keep costs down, but you are still going to be spending a lot over the course of time.


This skill will surpass the 200-hour mark of how long it takes to reach the max. This is down to the resources that are required, and what can potentially go wrong if not done properly.

You could falter on the likes of teleports, pouch repairs and other factors that all play a part in the experience that you make. Unlike the fishing method we mentioned, you cannot AFK runecrafting. This means that you are going to have to get that clicking finger running for a long time. It is a rather tedious task to perform as well, especially having to concentrate over such a long period of time.


Let’s face it, we were all expecting mining to be at the top of this list, or at least worthy of being very high up. Of course, there is going to be a level of tedium when it comes to maxing out any skill. However, mining really seems to stand out in this department. The extremity of this tedious nature even saw the game’s developers introducing mining methods so that it would be less of a boring activity for players to endure.

It isn’t necessarily the length of time as to why this tops many players’ list of the hardest skill to 99. As a matter of fact, you could reach 99 in about 130 or so hours, so when compared to other skills we have discussed here, it is a lot lower in terms of the time it takes. That being said, the three-tick mining that you have to endure is what makes it such a struggle to max out. The fact that you cannot AFK this method is something that really makes life difficult here, and will leave you having to do a lot of clicking.

So, you’ll need a wealth of patience, concentration and even some OSRS GP here and there to max out some of the toughest skills in Old School Runescape. If you do have the time to do so, then you will be amongst a small pool of players who have managed to reach such heights. Have you reached these OSRS 99 skills levels? Let us know in the comments section below!


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