OSRS Early Game Goals

Old School Runescape can be a bit daunting if you’re starting as a new player. Similar to games like Warframe, it’s got a ton of stuff to do and if you don’t know what to focus on and where to start – you might even quit before putting in any real effort. You could always get cheap OSRS accounts and start your journey that way, but if you want to go in raw and fresh, you might find these tips and goals to work toward useful.

What Constitutes “Early Game”

There’s no clear indication of what players should consider to be “Early Game”, but there are a couple of things that you could go by and if you’ve cleared these things, then you’re probably already at or reaching mid-game.

  • Done all Beginner/Intermediate Quests
  • Finished all the Easy Achievement Diaries
  • Have a Base 50 Stats

What to focus on early

Let’s discuss the things you should focus on early for account progression. While you are free to play however you want and take all the time you need, Old School Runescape is an absolutely MASSIVE game – and it’ll be quite the huge time-investment if you decide to play it no matter what you do, but if you follow these guidelines it might get you to the mid and end game that much sooner.

Early Questing

Here’s a list of some of the early quests that you should absolutely do to boost your account faster and to unlock some key features that you’ll end up using throughout your whole playthrough.

  • All Free 2 Play Quests – These will give you general knowledge and tips about the game
  • Knight’s Word Quest – Will give you some smithing experience (up to 29)
  • Druidic Ritual – Unlocks Herblore
  • Witch’s House – Gives you a lot of HP Experience
  • Tears of Guthix – Unlocks the Weekly Minigame that gives a lot of experience for your lowest level skill
  • Enter the Abyss – Gives you Runecrafting Experience and unlocks the Abyss
  • Animal Magnetism – Unlocks the Accumulator system

Graceful Set

If you’ve even entered the game at this point you’ve probably seen hundreds of people wearing this set. This is because it recharges running energy a lot quicker than anything you can get at this point in the game.

To get the Graceful set you’ll want to level your agility to 10 and start your rooftop agility training in order to get 260 Marks of Grace which you can use to buy the set from the Rogues Den.

Get your Magic High Enough For TPs

And last, but not least – You should get your Magic to 51+ in order to get all of the teleports that don’t require doing any quests to unlock. You’ll be able to teleport around the map effortlessly in order to save a TON of time while doing activities throughout the world.


These are just a few of the things that you need to focus on at the start of the game if you want smoother and faster account progression. You could always find OSRS gold for sale and get boosted that way, too.

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