What Promises a Purposeful Orthotics Prior Authorization?

A lot of DME, as well as orthotics & prosthetics providers, are looking for tangible support. With CMS avoiding awarding contracts in 13 out of 15 categories after it failed to generate expected savings from the same, all it needs is a trained team of experts who can take your payments to the next level.

A lot of experts were apprehensive that the latest DMEPOS competitive bidding round will be leading to a lessening of reimbursements. With the threat looming large on large manufacturers offering DME items like ResMed, Baxter, and Philips, quality partners have the unique ability to resolve practice management errors by working as a complete operational extension.

Even the Orthotics providers are always tired of a lackluster approach in the front end with faulty approach in practice management efforts like checking of eligibilities, working on the process of orthotics prior authorization, Rx order entry, following up with the physician office, and likewise.

How can Sunknowledge help

Working with the largest orthotics companies, we know how to bring back your money on time. At present, we know how to deliver actionable support in the front and back end that will accelerate the process of reimbursements in the best possible manner. Also, our team is equipped to offer tailored support in checking of eligibilities, working on the process of Orthotics prior authorization, order entry and confirmation, following up with the doctor’s office, and likewise.

Also, we are equally equipped to handle everything at your back end with customized solutions in denial management, accounts receivable collections, and payment posting. At just $7 per hour, our team has unparalleled ability to deliver excellence in DME revenue cycle management and we have top class references to prove that.

Looking to know more on how we serve true value! Our team is just a call away! Schedule a no-commitment call with our team, come to know what makes us unique in the entire RCM world and how we deliver masterful support that eliminates proven flaws and improves collections in the long run with a complete support plan delivering Orthotics prior authorization to the biggest and the best.

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