How to Drive Your Orthotics Billing with a Qualified Team of Experts

A physical therapist are trained to cast and measure for orthotics. Insurance can cover typically anything with a portion of the cost of the orthotics with a doctor’s prescription, a letter of necessity written by the therapist. If an orthotics is fabricated, supplies can be billed with 97760 and 97761. It only should be used if the training is completed and that alone exceeds 8 minutes.

Most insurance companies cover some if not all with the expenses of orthotics if they deem it to be medically necessary. Some of the plans cover Orthopaedic shoes, compression garments as well as bracing items. The HCPCS codes range for any Orthotic procedures and services range between L0112-L4631 which is a standardized code asset necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers. It also includes cervical flexible ( foam collar), semi-rigid thermoplastic foams as well as the plastic collar.


With a high number of the population currently suffering from the over-pronation of the feet, it is quite understandable that orthotics items and services will have a high demand. While attempting with reimbursements, especially with the changing regulations, it can seriously land you in hot water with orthotics billing. You will have to look for a reliable partner, with an experience that can transform your ROI by working as a complete billing extension.


A team responsible for your front end work

Performing all the functions by understanding the specific requirements with documents related with medical necessity, all the work with prior authorization, creating the Rx order entry, entry of patient demographics, performing physician and therapist follow-ups with important fundamentals, you need to have it in the right place at this trying order of the day.


A quality team will be able to realize your immediate needs, offer you streamlined assistance, elevating your Orthotics billing efforts in the best possible manner. They will improve your reimbursements with the clean submission of your Orthotics claims, work on the denials, understand the reasons, and implement the required disaster management approach. They reduce overall operational costs, deliver an approach that makes your Orthotics billing world a lot simpler.


To conclude, if you are looking for streamlined assistance in your Orthotics billing, finding a team that can offer you niche support will be an excellent advantage. Finding a quality team that can handle your rising DSO’s, managing your inventory, getting a clearer picture of your full billing cycle isn’t easy. Hence, finding a full-service Orthotics billing partner can be a huge boost to your ROI possibilities. It makes your job as an Orthotics provider a lot easier and helps you focus on your core responsibilities on patient care a lot better.