Make Sure You Have The Right Resources Handling your Orthotics Billing

Finding a team that can handle all your front office work can be quite a tedious job. In fact, it becomes quite difficult as an Orthotics provider to control everything with pre and post billing. A quality RCM partner knows what it takes to eliminate proven gaps in your practice management priorities by delivering niche support.

A reliable Orthotics billing company knows how to find a cure for your front office works, getting all your eligibility works done on time, prior authorization, intake of orders, and following up with the doctor’s office.

It is true rate of improper payments for the Power Mobility devices are almost $3.8 million according to the latest reports. A lot of challenges arise with custom orthotics items if affordability is an issue! Finding ways of becoming upfront with your patients, what to do with front office management sets the tone to increase your revenue.

Finding a dedicated Orthotics billing partner

A lot of Orthotics suppliers will agree that getting a team that is versatile is a pain. A reliable operational partner that can transform your cash flow, offer surefire support in reducing your expenses in Orthotics billing is an asset to have.

Sunknowledge as your reliable destination offers:

  • Instant reduction of 75% in your current billing
  • Complete pre/post Orthotics billing support/ A first pass rate 97%
  • Great versatility with orthotics and prosthetics practice management systems
  • 100’s of client references in the Orthotics segment
  • Dedicated team/ Customized reporting of the highest standards
  • Orthotics billing at money-making price starting at $7 per hour

At a trying time, which is testing the entire healthcare system, it becomes necessary for Orthotics providers to find ways to help them stay ahead of the competition with streamlined RCM activities. With every orthotics and prosthetics provider working to gain a competitive edge, it is critical to look for a partner that can transform your Orthotics billing. Sunknowledge has the perfect answer and offers a full-service approach unlike any of our competitors in healthcare revenue cycle management space.