Time to Solve all Your Orthotics Billing Puzzle

Today approximately 80% of the leading healthcare practices are vetting or considering outsourcing their medical billing services as reported in a survey by the black book in order to avoid billing and authorization stress. Taking care of your complete responsibilities these outsourced RCM organizations from entering of new patients details to complex prior authorization process, confirming and claim scrubbing to payment collections and denials management manages your every orthotics billing issue. In fact, here are a few advantages of outsourcing your orthotics billing services:

Saves a lot of your valuable time and money – with its own experienced staff and resources, these outsourced organizations eliminates the training time and the cost that healthcare practices have to spend in their in-house employees. Eliminating all the difficulties of juggling in between the demands of treating patients and handling billing issues, outsourcing helps the administrative staffs focusing on other important tasks at the office. Cutting down the cost of employee bonuses, software installation, insurances etc, outsourcing orthotics billing services saves a lot of money and time for the healthcare providers also increase your financial status as well.

Helping with the highest Collection rate and productivity metrics – concentrating on the productivity and collection rate with experience set of billers and certified coders along with stringent front end checks, outsourcing organization ensure the highest collection rate along with reduced billing and coding errors. With efficient staff and detailed training mechanisms, ensuring exceptional productivity is the main goal of these RCM organizations.

Ensure Customized reporting for complete operational transparency -as a successful business depends on business development and client satisfaction robust report and internal audit program are ensures by these RCM organizations that not only help to identify the area to work on but also lesser denial rate.

In fact, there are many RCM organizations today offering not only 70% operational cost reduction but also a free dedicated account manager. Offering the highest productivity metrics with complete operational transparency, these RCM organizations also have excellent industry references too.