Steps to Lower Your Practice’s Orthotics and Prosthetics Billing Error

According to a recent study done by the Ergo Research, every year in the United States itself the market size of the orthotics and prosthetics billing averages $1 billion in revenue. Despite being in such a huge demand, the orthotics and prosthetics billing industry still faces numerous and diverse billing errors especially due to:

Incomplete and improper Documentation – one of the top errors in the orthotics and prosthetics billing is incomplete and improper documentation which results in delaying the billing process and also the reimbursement.

Improper verification and eligibility process- this happens when billers and coders due to excessive work pressure or due to incomplete process knowledge or billing regulation missed out on verifying documentation correctly etc. As even one single mistake or billing errors leads to denial and hours of rework; wasting a lot of time and money.

Improper claims submission- the most common errors in the orthotics and prosthetics billing is missing information during the claims submission process like the dates of the accident, medical emergency, demographic etc. resulting in billing error.

This is why today to avoid all these common billing errors in the orthotics and prosthetics billing, process, today the healthcare practices finds outsourcing as a cost effective and convenient solution.

why so?

Helping with stable financial reimbursements, today there are many operational extensions that not only ensure proper execution in dealing with aging accounts but also are up to date in all financial mapping, billing, coding and all rules and regulation for seamless orthotics and prosthetics billing.

Eliminated all the rework of countless hours and money that is wasted in faulty claims, there is RCM organization that takes the complete responsibility of timely submission along with a 99.9% accuracy rate in the billing and coding process of your orthotics and prosthetics billing.