Orthopedic surgery experts

Orthopedic surgeon expert witnesses are called upon to provide independent medical exams (IME), testimony and guidance for attorneys or insurance companies involved in litigation of musculoskeletal medical issues. As the scope of orthopedic procedures expands, the likelihood of complaints also grows. The corresponding demand for forensic orthopedics specialists will also expand to help in determining if there is a basis for damages.

Musculoskeletal injuries are varied, as are the causes of these injuries. Orthopedic surgeons routinely treat injuries from car accidents, sports and workplace events, and even simple falls. Treatments for orthopedic injuries vary, starting from physiotherapy to surgery. When recovery isn’t needless to say, legal actions may result. Attorneys representing the patient and therefore the physician may have to consult an independent orthopedic expert to help in developing their cases.
Workplace accidents resulting in a disability also require medical experts to determine the extent of an injury, possible treatments, and the expected long-term effects of the injury. Disputes arise, for example, when workers’ compensation coverage is denied or when treatments deemed necessary by the patient’s physician are not approved. An outside opinion by an orthopedic expert is often sought to help resolve disputes.

In automobile accidents, neck and back injuries are often difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. Action to recover damages from another driver will almost certainly end in disputes over the severity, or maybe the existence of neck and back injuries. Expert witnesses can, and sometimes do, make the difference between winning or losing accident injury cases.
Attorneys and insurance companies are generally aware of the need for orthopedic expert witnesses in any action involving musculoskeletal injuries. Forensic Group representatives help attorneys, insurance companies and other parties identify the best expert witnesses for their needs. Contact Forensic Group or Submit An Expert Request Form to find the best orthopedic experts available.