Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress Helps Enhance Posture

The truth is that people of all ages these days are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, the effects of which are visibly noticeable. Researches conducted have found that such people are more prone to contracting cancer, a dreadful and life-threatening disease. Physical inactiveness often is related to higher risks resulting from mental illness, stress and worry. Unhealthy lifestyle also leads to developing coronary heart disease.

Facing health issues 

Majority of the people tend to use inexpensive mattresses made from cheap quality materials. These are not scientifically designed. After sitting for work for prolonged hours, it is quite natural for you to experience strain on your shoulders and back part. You do need good quality, undisturbed sleep at night so that you wake up fresh. How can you achieve this objective?

Improving posture

There are available mattresses that are constructed using good quality materials. They are designed to offer its users with significant health benefits that are much greater than jogging or walking. If you have a desk job, then after every 1-2 hours, you need to take a small break. This can help alleviate back discomfort. At home, you may use orthopedic memory foam mattress that assures good sleep and improving your posture.

Know the benefits of orthopaedic memory foam type mattress

  • Hip, shoulder and back supports reduce strain. At the same time, it helps maintain spinal alignment as well as it alleviates shoulder and lower back pain. This helps improve posture.
  • When body conformity is concerned, memory foam mattress is considered to be the very best as it competes with Orthopaedic type. Spine does not get twisted in the process.
  • This type of mattress is also offered with an enhanced design that allows you to feel less anxious and get sound sleep. You may also choose to lie in any position as you desire to without any discomfort.
  • You experience alleviated back pain as your thoracic sinkage gets reduced. Its surface can withstand high pressure and also not develop any pressure spot. Thus, you will not feel any pain in any part of your body on waking up and enjoy moving around.

Specially created layers to offer enhanced back support

This type of mattress is created with several layers.

  • High resilience foam used in this mattress offers solid support. The foam used is considered to be among the finest in terms of density distribution and density.
  • This layer also offers additional support that can benefit the body’s heavier areas. The lighter areas are also said to benefit from the layer’s gentler support.
  • Transition layer is created of composite foam that provides proper positioning to the spine during exercise.
  • Orthopaedic pillow along with memory foam ensures body conformation while providing relief to pressure points while sleeping.
  • Air permeable cloth is used to cover the cold foam, thereby promoting cool air flow even if outside temperature is 100 degrees.
  • A standard feature noticed in such mattresses is considered to be thermal regulation.

Options available

You can come across orthopaedic mattresses offered by reputed brands in diverse configurations.

  • In case the mattresses’ white side is too soft, then simply flip it over to use grey side.
  • Generally, when purchasing such mattresses shoppers are offered with two cover sets in total for use.
  • You can remove the external cover to clean it thoroughly. However, the mattress’ inner part is attached permanently to the mattress, thus being non-removable.
  • This type of mattress can isolate movement, thus promoting good sleep. This way, you don’t have to bother much if you are sharing the bed with your partner who frequently turns and tosses.
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can be a concern. Check it out in details to make a well researched purchase.
  • If you have a restless partner sharing your bed, then you do need to invest in a well constructed memory foam mattress. It helps isolate as well as absorb your partner’s movements.
  • Longevity is a major aspect that you need to consider when shopping for orthopaedic mattresses of memory foam type. A superior quality one is likely to be effective and long-lasting as they are created from tough foam material.
  • If you suffer from insensitivities or allergies, then it will be better to discuss with your healthcare professional before using this mattress.

Buy the best quality product

You should not buy just any memory foam mattress available in the market. Make sure it is orthopedically designed and fits well your body and physical needs. Also ensure choosing a mattress only from a well-established brand that assures quality sleep and longevity of the product. This way, you don’t have to invest in another one for a long time.

Enjoy improved posture

By using this type of mattress, you can get relief from pain that otherwise is experienced in the hips, spine and back. Such mattresses are created to mould perfect to match your body contours. It also straightens your spine and ensures improved posture.

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