Original vs. First Copy Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a daily need in today’s life. From mens sunglasses to women’s sunglasses everything is in demand. It is not only eye protection but also has become an accessory for people.

Girls use different types of glasses with matching outfits to look good. So, sunglasses are quite multi-purpose in today’s world. From kids to elders almost everyone uses it.

There are different kinds of sunglasses available in the market. The original branded ones, and the first copies of those. They are very similar in appearance. Also, you can get cheap sunglasses in the market that look similar to the original one.

It is quite tricky to identify them if you are not familiar with glasses. Don’t worry, here we will tell you all about the original and first-copy glasses. Also, how you will be able to identify them properly.

  • What are original sunglasses?

As the name suggests sunglasses are useful for blocking harsh sun rays or UV rays. Usually, they are made from high-quality material and most companies use single cuts. It makes the product more perfect and helps to avoid any scratches in between the glasses.

However, first copies are not made with this technique. They use cheaper materials to create similar-looking glasses. Thus, first-copy sunglasses are always low in quality.

How to identify an original sunglass and a first copy?

There are many ways for you to identify an original sunglass and a fake one. Mentioned below are a few of them. These will make you understand the difference between both of them even if you are not so familiar with sunglasses.

  1. Brand logo and signs – These are the main things which you should notice while buying a sunglass. If you intend to buy a fake one for use as an accessory then it’s ok. Just go to any drugstore and buy one. However, if you are going for an original one then you must check a few things. For example, brand logo, batch no., date of manufacturing, is very important.
  1. Carry cases – An original sunglass will always come with a carry case. If the shopkeeper is unable to provide you with a carry case with your sunglasses, then be 100 percent sure that it’s fake. The brand has its reputation and minimum responsibility towards their customer.

Thus, they will never send inappropriate products to their customers. Also, the carry case should contain the logo of the brand. So, it is the second important thing to keep in mind while buying women’s or men’s sunglasses.

  1. Glass material – Last but not least, there is a huge difference in the material. First-copy sunglasses are usually made from cheap material which can be detected with ease. It is this difference in the quality of the glass that fails to give the required protection to the eyes.


These are the few ways which you can use to identify original men’s sunglasses. Fake products are fine if you only want to use them as an accessory but they won’t do anything more for you. It also affects a company and in turn the economy in many ways.

People who are unable to identify original glasses, buy fake ones at a similar price. It is harmful to both the company and the buyer. Thus, identifying them is very essential and our article will help you to do it in the future.