Organize PDF Files & Manage A Large Number of PDFs Easily

Organizing PDF files is an art that does not come up for all PDF users. Are you among one dealing with the PDF files? Do you need to arrange PDFs skillfully, but still face issues? Not anymore! There are many solutions to organize PDF files. We have got some here. Go through this article and get all your PDF documents arranged in order easily.

PDF files are majorly used for storing important data intact. PDF file will open in specific applications to modify or arrange accordingly. One most popular application for PDF file is Adobe reader. This application is used throughout be the PDF fellow users to open and read PDF files. This does not do edition on PDF. For editing, Adobe has offered another application that is popular by name Adobe Acrobat.

Maintaining a PDF file in a certain order can be easily done if we add page numbers to PDF document. This will give the PDF file an order of certainty. It will help you organize PDF files and retrieve data instantly from a bulk of PDF documents. Let us get to the solution through which ordering a PDF file will become an easy task.

organize PDF files

How to Arrange PDF Files in Order?

As we have discussed, Adobe Acrobat is a popular application for managing PDF files. Though there are other applications used for the same purpose. Another application found to perform the same purpose is SysTools PDF Bates Numberer. It is as efficient as the Acrobat on arranging PDF file pages in order. Plus, it offers more functions over arranging PDF files and pages in each PDF. Let us start understanding each methods one after the other.

Adobe Acrobat DC to Organize PDF Files

Follow the below procedure to arrange PDF file pages in order

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat DC on your system.

  2. Go to Tools menu and select Organize Pages option.

  3. Click on More (…) option. Go to Bates Numbering option and click on the Add button.

  4. Click on Add Files and Add Folders for inserting PDF files. When done, click OK to proceed.

  5. Point to a text field below appearance option & select Insert Bates Number option.

  6. A new window is open. Enter number of digits, start number, prefix and suffix.

  7. Click on OK button. Again click on OK button to arrange PDF file pages in order.

This will add a page number series over the PDF files that will help you on handling the hard copies of the PDF file. While you are working with the Adobe application, you need to know that this application does not work for free. It requires a subscription for full functioning over a system. This subscription also limits for a particular time interval. So be sure to renew the subscription license, if you are unable to organize PDF files using Adobe Acrobat application. Now let us get through the next application of PDF management.

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SysTools PDF Bates Numberer to Arrange PDFs in Order

By the name PDF bates numberer, the application delivers the message of what it does. This application will add numbers on each PDF page and arrange it in an order. There are various techniques in this utility for maintaining PDFs in an order. This application offers a free version to add bates on PDF and understand how this application works for organizing PDFs.

Steps to Arrange Pages in a PDF File

  1. Run Free SysTools PDF Bates Numberer on your system.

  2. Click on Bates menu and choose for Generate Bates Number option.

  3. Hit on Add Files and browse PDF files for arranging PDF files.

  4. For any encrypted PDF arrangement, check for remove encryption from PDF option. Click on Next option.

  5. Enter Bates stamp details for organizing pages in PDF file. Click Next.

  6. Set a Position for these page numbers on PDF. Choose for the File naming convention if needed.

  7. Click on Browse button and select a new location on the system for saving this PDF file.

  8. Click on Next and then hit on Generate button to arrange PDF file pages in order.

This program gives away the provision of printing the PDF files directly with the addition of page numbers and not being saved anywhere on the system after page number insertion.

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Wrapping it Up

Do you find arranging PDF files as an issue? Not anymore! Get to the above solutions and organize PDF files easily than before. Ease all your efforts for PDF page numbering and arrange large number of PDF files in minutes.