Organic Search Traffic: What’s the Big Deal and Why Is It So Valuable?

Did you launch a new website? Congratulations, but the work isn’t done!

You now need to gain traffic. What’s the point of a beautiful website if no one visits it and purchases a product or subscribes to your services? 

The first and most crucial method is to aim for organic search traffic. Don’t fret if you don’t know what the term means or why it’s valuable. We’ve got an in-depth guide right here to help you learn.

Discover more about organic search and its benefits below:

What is Organic Search?

Organic search is when someone types in keywords on Google search and find your pages on the Google Search Results Page (SERP). You didn’t pay to get those pages ranking up there. Google arranged the results based on several factors, such as content relevance, used keywords, page performance, page speed, and the number of previous visitors.

In other words, organic search traffic refers to unpaid traffic. The visitors you get from organic searches found your site naturally. They didn’t use a link found on a Facebook page, they didn’t directly type in your URL, and they didn’t get to your site via a paid advertisement. 

How to Improve Organic Search Traffic

The next question is: how do you boost organic search traffic?

There are a wide number of methods but a majority start with proper keyword analysis. If you sell carpets in Chicago, for example, you might want to focus on keywords like “affordable carpets in Chicago.” Now you can optimize pages, image alt tags, and entire blog posts around that keyword phrase.

You might want to invest in tools that check your competition’s efforts too. Check which keywords they rank high on and determine if you should either compete or focus on a different set of keywords instead. It’s all about establishing

Don’t rely on blackhat SEO tactics. These are techniques that try to cheat the system, like spamming your page URLs on Twitter. These tactics might get you quick results but Google will penalize you in the long run.

Organic Search vs Direct Traffic

Some people confuse organic search traffic with direct traffic. They can seem similar but there is a finite distinction between the two.

As mentioned, organic search traffic refers to people who visit your site after searching on Google. Direct traffic, on the other hand, refers to visitors who reached your page after typing in your website’s URL. Reaching your site via a QR code or a referral also counts as direct traffic.

If you posted a link to a particular blog post or product page on your Twitter account or Facebook page, they still only count as direct traffic. They won’t directly affect your organic search efforts.

Value of Organic Search Engine Traffic

What’s the big deal with organic search? Why is it so valuable? To answer these questions, take a moment to read up on four crucial benefits of investing in organic search:

Long-Term Results

Even the best PPC campaign comes to an end. Once you run out of money to keep the ads up, Google will no longer display them and thus you’ll no longer gain traffic from the ads. 

With organic search, however, your content remains relevant and evergreen. Organic efforts, like a blog post, will remain important for readers for weeks or even months. You can even keep a post relevant for years with a few edits here and there.

You can rely on the same blog posts and guest posts to drive new patients to a medical business, for example. You can read this article to discover more about this.


You don’t buy organic search traffic. You build it up through natural methods like posting blog posts or optimizing product pages to focus on specific keywords. This is vastly different from PPC marketing, where you have to pay a certain amount to keep an ad up.

If you use smart methods, like guest posting and optimizing all your pages or blog posts, you can significantly cut down how much you spend on your marketing campaign. You will spend a bit on SEO tools and for writers and SEO-minded web designers.

Organic Search Traffic Builds Credibility and Authority

When you rank high on Google’s page results, your site gains more credibility. People will assume you’re the authority for the given topic since your pages ranked higher than everybody else’s. Keep it going and people will recognize your brand as the go-to authority for answers.

After all, would you follow the tips given by the site on Page 6 or the one who topped Page 1? The latter likely has more blog posts, more videos, and other content to further prove they are the reliable authority for the given subject matter. 

Higher and Consistent Conversion Rates

Remember that the goal of any marketing tactic, from organic SEO to PPC, is to increase conversions and gain a profit. Gaining more visitors is nice, having a more beautiful website is great, but it all boils down to earning through your marketing efforts. Did more people visit and did they buy or pay for a subscription?

When you invest in organic search, you’re likely to gain consumers who will pay for something upon visiting. They’ll identify your site as an authority and will want to take advantage of what you offer.

Invest in Organic Search Today

It’s true when people say that content is king. Organic search traffic is the bread and butter of gaining traffic, increasing conversions, and boosting credibility.

It’s the first step you should take to gain visibility.

But why stop with organic search? There are also other methods of gaining traffic, such as PPC campaigns and using social media. To learn how you can take advantage of these tactics and why you need to try them all, continue reading more of our posts and in-depth guides today!