Sms marketing is one of the best marketing strategies in the modern world today. It simply sends text messages to your customers with offers and other information about your business to encourage engagement and grow your sales. When you want to get started with text message marketing for your business, you will realize a wide range of texting terms to place on your radar. Some are straightforward, while others can be more intricate, like opt-in text messaging. Let’s learn about opt-in text message marketing and how you can use it for your business.

What is opt-in text message marketing?

In SMS marketing, it is first essential to get the customer’s consent before texting them. Note that texting customers without their permission is an invasion of privacy and is against the law. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, requires companies or businesses to seek consent from consumers before sending text messages. This request is what is known as an opt-in.

To opt means to choose, so an opt-in means that the customer has consented to receive your text messages. In simple words, the opt-in text seeks the customer’s approval to subscribe to your texting communications. You can obtain opt-in permissions in different ways based on your business and the type of messages you intend to send.

Opt-in text message marketing is a cost-effective way to simultaneously advertise or market your products or services to a group of customers. Getting people to opt into your text messages means you directly communicate with people who need your services or products. Here is how opt-in text message marketing benefits your business.

Creates a cleaner marketing list

When consumers opt into your text message subscriptions, they voluntarily accept hearing from you by joining your marketing list. In other words, they permit you to contact them, which means you don’t have to worry about hitting that send button to market your products or services. Furthermore, you will not get spam complaints because customers made a conscious decision to join the subscription.

It saves time and money.

Opt-in text message marketing is the best strategy to market your goods or services to a broad audience at the same time. One of the valuable marketing assets your business can build is a clean and strong contact list for engaging consumers through text messages. And because there are regulations surrounding text messaging consumers, you cannot just buy a contact list and start texting. 

You must have an opt-in list. But once you kick-off, it’s on autopilot. The leads are available to spend time nurturing and converting them to sales which saves you more marketing resources. Also, unlike email addresses, people rarely change their mobile phone numbers, so you won’t have a bunch of unresponsive mobile numbers you need to weed out.

A key takeaway

In the same way, your business should provide opt-out text message that allows a customer to take themselves off your texting communications. It can be automatically triggered when a customer lets you know they no longer wish to receive texts.


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