Opportunities in Pharma Franchise Business

Opportunities in Pharma Franchise Business.

Pharma Franchise business has two fronts on the one side we have Pharma Franchise companies and on the other side we have Pharma Franchise Distributors. The opportunity for business is huge at both the ends.

PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity

Let’s discuss the opportunity at the companies end:

To launch and establish an all India presence Pharma Marketing Company in the shortest possible time with the minimum investment as compared to ethical Pharma Marketing process. Lots of time and energy is saved in order to select, train and manage the Sales force, extensive Travelling and related Expense, much promotional expense, all this is saved in Pharma Franchise model. Your brands are getting established and the company’s name is spreading and thus due to reputation you get additional business. There is no employee- employer relationship hence all related issues are not there. Since the ready market is available hence it’s not very difficult to introduce new products or new divisions, since its Monopoly Business multiple products and divisions will help optimum utilization of resources.

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Most of the Pharma sales professionals are entering in this field and it’s always not very easy for everyone to invest heavily on its own brand Manufacturing, Pharma Franchise model is acceptable, meaning every day the opportunity is increasing. Once you build up volume sales then you can thing of establishing you own Manufacturing plant, your current sales in Pharma Franchise would help in generating sales in Pharma manufacturing plant.

At the distributors’ end there is also a scope of getting into distribution and marketing together, marketing for products of Pharma Franchise and distributor for Ethical Pharma Marketing Companies. Pharma Distributor itself is a well established business and slowly one can get into the business of CNF. You can continue with marketing of the Pharma Franchise company’s products and also grow in Distribution field also. Once you establish Pharma Franchise products, you can think of getting your own Products Manufacturer, though the cost would go up but simultaneously your profits would also go up. Keep on adding products which you have crossed 500 boxes sales per month into your own brands and once that happened you can convert your Pharma Marketing Company ethical in your own location and Franchise in rest of India, one that is established then you can think of opening up a Manufacturing Plant. There is other related opportunity in Raw material Trading, Printing and packaging company, sales of Cylinders and Foils and many other related products and services.

Opportunities are many it’s only the beginning that matters…

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