Opal Jewelry: The Glittery Gemstone For a Bedazzling Look

Opals have been the favourite of many for a long time. The glittery gemstone is known for its great brilliance and exciting color patterns. Formed due to heavy rains on silica-rich grounds, the gem is found in arid, dry regions. But in the past, people had various assumptions regarding its origins. As the gemstone was considered magical and precious because it exhibited so many colors, the ancient people were intrigued by the mesmerizing beauty and considered it a prized jewel.

The Bedouins were under the dilemma that the gemstone had lightning powers and had fallen from the skies at the times of thunderstorms. According to the Romans, the gem was the most powerful of all the gemstones and considered it a gift from the heavens. Not only this, the royal ancestors had a special love for this gemstone. And if you are also fascinated with the sparkling beauty of this gemstone and looking for options in terms of designs, you can take a look at the Rananjay Exports’ jewelry collection. They have a wide variety and several designs in opal accessories to choose from. you can find a mother’s ring in the Story Jewellery collection. Let’s discuss the important factors to see when buying this beautiful gemstone jewelry.

Color of The Crystal:

When buying opal jewelry, check for the play-of-color as well as the body color. The bright display of colors is valued more than a dull splash of hues. The display of colors can have a dominant shade. When the prevailing tone is red, it is highly appreciated. It can also have yellow and green tones, which are also considered good quality. The body color of the gemstone can be dark or light. The darker tones like the Black opal are desirable. The one thing that matters is that the inclusions do not hamper the beauty of the gem.


Opals contain some water content. When they get dehydrated, they develop tiny cracks. These cracks can interfere with the appearance of the stone. Inclusions like matrix or other blemishes can also dull the luster of the crystal. Therefore, a clear crystal or one with fewer inclusions is highly desirable.

Patterns in The Gem: 

The gem has color patterns that look beautiful. You have to look that these patterns look bright and have a sound intensity of color.

Favourite Pieces of Opal Jewelry

The gemstone is mostly given a cabochon shape. This is done to enhance the focus on its lustre that better come out in this shape. A rounded or oval cabochon looks great in Opal ring. Secure your gemstone with a protective bezel setting. A halo of diamonds around the stone can also be a good option for a wedding ring.

A large stone looks best in an Opal bracelet when attending any formal event. Cocktail size Opal earrings also look fabulous for any big event. Reserve the Opal necklace in one strand for an upcoming occasion to look the best.

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Why Do Women Love Wearing Opal Jewelry?

  • Fact check! Opals are beneficial for the health of the skin and nails. They keep you young.
  • Opals are available in all kinds of jewelry, be they antique ones or contemporary settings.
  • For a trendy look, a layered Opal pendant is the best one. Gemstone bangles also give a lovely chic look.
  • The fantastic brilliance from the gemstone will give you a dazzling look.
  • Opal promise rings are in trend these days. The unique beauty of the gem makes it appropriate for the selection.

The Birthstone

The poets in the historical era compared the gemstone to lightning and fire. The beauty of the gem left many wonderstruck, but there is more to this crystal. The crystal is a birthstone for people born in October. It brings calmness and a sense of balance to the life of the wearer. It is also given on the completion of fourteen years of marriage.

How to Care For This Gemstone?

To maintain the beauty of this wonderful gem for long, one needs to be careful not to use any harsh chemicals to clean opal jewelry. You can use a mild soap and plain water to clean it. Go for a soft-bristle brush to clean the delicate unreachable places in the accessories. Take jewelry off while going for long hours in the Sun. Opals must be protected from getting dehydrated. It is okay when you wear it every day, but keep them wrapped in cotton with a few drops of water when storing opal accessories.

Where to Find Exclusive and Genuine Gemstone Jewelry?

Rananjay Exports is the one-stop solution for the best jewelry collection. They have genuine wholesale gemstone jewelry designed in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. They have exclusive designs in accessories and can also provide you with customization on orders. They have been in the business for a long time now and have a good name in the jewelry market for top-notch quality and excellent craftsmanship. You can also earn rewards and benefits when you shop from them.

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