OOS AG: The Ultimate Architects Near You In Zurich!

OOS has been designing living and working spaces since 2000. Using the design and construction principle of the Clever Philosophy, they create impactful designs for Clever Cities, Clever Architecture and Clever Interiors.

Spaces for private companies and public institutions are their core competence. They recognize the potential of a project task at the area, architectural and interior levels and translate the strategic orientation of companies and the needs of their stakeholders into spatial experiences.

With creative strategies, innovative designs, modern design methods and structured processes OOS acts effectively and efficiently. The results are tailor-made concepts that capture the uniqueness of a project task and create aesthetic and meaningful buildings. The tasks range from entire site and area development to new buildings, including remodeling and expansions.

Clever Philosophy

Moving times need moving designs. For this reason, OOS is guided by the Clever philosophy. It deals with social, environmental and technological transformations. OOS is aware of the impact of the results on humans as part of the whole ecosystem and designs them in a positive and sustainable way. It takes into account the ecological, economic and social dimensions of sustainability.

The most urgent challenges are of an ecological nature. The Clever philosophy of OOS addresses all issues such as grey energy, operating energy and CO2 absorption and solves these problems already in architecture or interior design. The result is climate-positive and climate-adaptive designs with CO2 emissions reduced many times over, all the way to energy-autonomous buildings.

With the Phonak Communications AG branch in Murten, one of the first zero-energy company buildings in Switzerland, OOS sets new standards for climate-positive and climate-adaptive architecture. Image: Dean Jaggi

At the same time, the results shape the local culture and create aesthetic and identity-forming spaces. The need for identity affects not only the users, but also the companies, which are seen as part of society. The designs of OOS are a spatial translation of the strategic orientations of companies and carry these outwards. This also results in culture-specific and culture-shaping outcomes. Instead of a universal, globalized design language, the Clever philosophy embraces the unique characteristics of each location.