ONNURI D&T, No.1 Korea Import Export Agent Company, strengthening Trade Agent service for global customers

These days, interest in the Korean market is increasing worldwide. Along with K-drama and Korea traveling trends, the global popularity of Korean products is increasing day by day. However, unlike the ever-increasing popularity of Korean products, global buyers are having difficulty in trading with Korea because they have not been able to find trade agent companies in Korea.

Global customers have difficulties in purchasing Korean products or selling their products in the Korean market. To solve the needs of these global customers, ONNURI D&T, a famous trade agency in Korea, is further strengthening its global trade agent service. As a premium member of the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), ONNURI D&T acts as an export agent and an import agent for everything from soap to construction equipment.

Leading by CEO ChunMyeong Lim, who has a long Import and Export experience, ONNURI D&T provides Korean trade agent services to customers in more than 70 countries.If you want to export your products to the Korean market or if you want to import Korean products, we are sure that ONNURI D&T will serve as a stepping stone for your needs. ONNURI D&T can help you by

* Importing Korean products to your country,

* Exporting and Selling your products to the Korean market,

* Looking for best Korean products,

* Getting recommend on popular products actually on sale in the Korean market,

* Doing Korean factory survey requested by a client and doing role of price comparison and quality comparison between various Korean factories that produce similar products,

* Filming of product production process in Korean factory,

* Sending product photos and sample photos from the Korean factory,

* Inspecting products shipped from Korea,

* Conducting market research in Korean market,

* Interpreting English to Korean.

Website : https://onnuridnt.com/pages/koreaimportexportagent