Online training

Over the last few years, the education industry has experienced big changes due to the advent of new technologies, which have provided us with better ways to share content.

Online platforms make it possible for students to have access to innumerable resources which improve their learning experience. Users of these platforms can log into them from any device (laptops, cellphones, tablets…) whenever they need to.

The best online courses offer live lessons which are recorded and made available on their platforms, as well as private chats with the teachers, forums to ask questions, practice tests, test solutions available both on video and PDF, tens of hours of video with detailed explanations of the course contents, comprehensive presentations and units, etc.

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into virtual platforms is set to have a major impact on the education sector, allowing for innovative teaching and learning practices. AI-based tools such as ChatGPT can now generate text, images, audio, and video in a manner similar to human beings, giving students the ability to get answers to their questions in real-time and whenever they need it.

All these resources make learning much easier and give students the possibility of studying at any time that suits them. Students can decide when and how they learn.

One of the most succesful companies when it comes to online training courses is CENTRO FORMACION ALVARO, owners of the online platform DIDACTYS. They specialize in helping students pass the tests required to access Spanish universities and thousands of students prepare for these tests using their platform.