Online schools, a blessing in disguise 

Online schools or distance learning is a new form of pedagogy, where a student does not need to present physically within the class. Some various schools and universities also offer this solution for such students who are working on a tight schedule and are unable to attend class regularly. This is especially a blessing in disguise for those professionals who 9 to 6 office routine so that they can open their lectures at any time and can solve their assignments at the weekend. There are online platforms through which they can watch the videos of lectures and can attempt their quizzes also. Their final exams, however, are mostly taken on a given campus. But if a semester is of six months, then they can take the lectures from any part of the world, given they have a good internet connection that is all. 

Online platforms to help and assist Students 

In this day and age, nothing is impossible and technology has made it very easy for students to find the solution to their problems. AcademicsWriter is an online platform that is especially or tailor-made made to assist students with all their academic needs. Academic needs could be research on a particular topic. It might include data acquisition about any particular case, it could be related to a specific problem that requires mathematical solutions. Various other aspects like programming, electronic simulations etc. All of these solutions and assistance are provided to the students for them to perform well in their academic career. Therefore, Online schools and online platform are both helping students to cross the hurdles that they face in their academic careers. 

The Future of pedagogy 

The online schools and these online academic platforms are shaping up to be something enormous, and on a higher scale, these academic platforms in future might include online training of every particular topic or trade that is present in this world and can be learnt to make money. Any particular skill or ability that is helpful to an individual for money making purpose supports the economy of a country, that is the reason why it is a great initiative that a person can learn such techniques online and can make money and further the individual contributes to society. This is better as compared to being jobless, or un-educated, where a person becomes a liability for the state and a state has to provide for that individual from the taxes of those people who are working hard and getting paid for their skills. 

Freelancing and a Freelancer 

Freelancers are mostly those individuals that are self-taught by these online programs or assisted by the online platforms, they work for their selves and are not committed to any employer. The freelancing market has endless possibilities, where a person can get paid to work online on the agreed terms. A person who wants to hire a professional can easily log in to any of the professional freelancing sites and can hire a choice of their own, a person with the required set of skills and with a proven track record. That is what freelancing is all about, where a person is given a certain time to do a certain job with specified resources. All in all, freelancing is also one of the chains of the online schools that are providing helpful ways of learning to the people who cannot be physically present and the future will unfold a lot of new pedagogical ways of learning that would support economies around the world. 


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