Must-Have Online Marketing Tools To Start Business

Each month around 543000 new businesses are starting that’s are over 6.5 million per year but only a small amount of these companies can survive in the long term. One in every twelve business closes every year.

It’s a crystal scenario that there is tough competition always running among the companies to be survived in the race. As no one knows what the future holds, no one wants to be under the cluster of 80% of companies whose fail within 18 months. Each and every business is fighting for establishment in the industry it belongs to. Check out content cluster.

Once upon a time, no one bothered about the internet means online communication that means online marketing. But now we are in the changing civilization rapping with digital technology and in this era, there is no scope to think any marketing strategy keeping way digital technology. That means this is the era of Digital Marketing. So in this digital marketing era, those will be the survival whose digital marketing strategy is stronger.

So strategy or marketing planning is the main key to get success in any business and if its new business its a must. For making a fruitful strategy or marketing plan you need to take the help of different types of digital marketing tools that leverage the social media power, search engine optimization to get huge traffic, and also make the best use of media marketing that’s available there.

Before this post, we discussed Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools you can have a look to boost up your business strategy but in this post, we will discuss the most essential must-have online marketing tools to start a business which will help you a lot to survive in the competitive race all businessmen are looking for.

So are you ready to win the race for survival with the digital marketing tools then let’s start?

Have a look to the tools list at a glance which will be discussed:

            1. Google Analytics

            2. Google AdWords

            3. KISSmetrics

            4. MailChimp

            5. HubSpot

            6. Ahrefs

            7. SEMrush

            8. Buzzsumo

            9. Canva Business

            10. Buffer

            11. Hootsuite

Let’s start the discussion about the essential tools:

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must needed website analytical tool. So far we are passing the days the use of google analytics getting more critical. The digital marketer needs to be an expert to get full use of it.

In basic label, it shows you the total traffic tracking data on your website from where they come and in which pages they are spending how many times but for more analytical data you need to be a pro customer and also need to enhance eCommerce setup and track events to learn more about user engagement.

To learn more you can visit here for the Google Analytics Help.

2.Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the most popular option for advertising businesses on Google search. It works in two payment methods. One is pay per click and the other one is pay per call structure.

Google AdWords includes a keyword planner for selecting the right keyword for your add and other content you want to use. You also can set your budget according to your planning. Actually Google AdWords open more prospect for your website.

According to queries, you can display your products in an excellent way in front of millions of visitors by using keywords perfectly through Google search result pages. Let say someone is searching for “best organic food”. You can show your business or website in the search result page in an organic way by doing SEO or you can reach on top of the result page using Google AdWords add facilities.

You can visit here to learn how it works.


KISSmetrics is an analytics solution for the web that helps you to get more customers, make smarter decisions, and boost your bottom line.

It helps you to identify quickly the effectiveness of the marketing channel which method or campaign is working and which one is not at this moment.

It’s a powerful analytical tool for tracking visitor activities at your website from where they come and how much they spent on which pages.

It’s a paid tool and you can start with KISSmetrics with a minimum of $299/Month.

Get the guideline here about how to use KISSmetrics.


When you are talking about Digital Marketing there is no doubt Email-marketing is the inevitable part of it.

Using how many options you can reach your business directly to your targeted audience E-mail marketing is the best one and you can be done this job smoothly using MailChimp.

Let’s see the reason why MailChimp is the best option for dealing with millions of customers for E-mail marketing:

                • You can reach your goal faster as all your marketing needs in one place. You can do marketing for your business through email, landing pages, social or eCommerce pages, postcards, and many more together in one platform that is MailChimp.

                • It has an award-winning support team to help you over day and night as you ask for to reach your goal hassle-free.

                • To start with MailChimp you can move at $0 / Month cost in basics under free planning to $299/Month with lots of pro features under premium planning.

                • By the MailChimp marketing tool you can easily make a campaign in minutes which saves your time a lot and helps to create professional-looking content easily.

                • It’s built-In analytics help you to find out what is working for you or not to do smart marketing.

Let see the details about MailChimp.


As a Digital Marketer having HubSpot Marketing tools surely you are able to deal with your marketing jobs hassle-free.

It’s free to $3200/Mo all in one marketing software for your all digital marketing solutions.

Using HubSpot you can do:

                • Lead Capture by

                 – Setting up Web Forms

                 – Setting up Popup Forms

                 – Live Chat Software

                • Email Marketing Campaign

                • Pipe all data into the free CRM

                • Analyze site visitor behavior

Its paid version really gets things sophisticated with advanced marketing automation.

As a hole HubSpot allows you to do your inbound marketing campaigns by growing your traffic, boosting leads conversion, and obviously prove your ROI.

So for those who are starting business HubSpot is the top choice and obviously the must-have online digital marketing tool for making faster to achieve their goals.

Visit HubSpot Academy for getting all user guidelines.


Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool scaling up your website traffic largely. They are working with over 150 million keyword data in the USA and also more for about 150 countries around the world.

 Ahrefs is such a tool that helps you to analyze your competitor whos are link with and the top pages along with where they are ranking. This analysis will open lots of scopes for you to rework with your content and marketing strategies for getting results.

 For SEO expertise, Ahrefs is the most popular SEO tool to have their job done smoothly.

You can learn the use of Ahrefs here.


Well, SEMrush is an all in one SEO tool that can be used for keyword research, keyword strategy for the competition, SEO audit, backlinking opportunities, and more. SEMrush is trustworthy to the SEO experts all over the world.

You can use SEMrush free for 7 days as a trial at your very first login for limited data but for vast use you need to subscribe its any of the price plans.

At this moment SEMrush is working with over 18 billion keywords with over 5 million users all over the world.

For lots of knowledge, you can visit the SEMrush blog and enrich yourself.


BuzzSumo is nothing but a big deal for those who need to learn their market real situation.

It’s a mega tool for market research and monitoring. You can find content social analysis in one click and also you can put your domain or content and see the social share status. You can also find influencers involved with popular topics.

If you want to use all opportunities from BuzzSumo you have to take any one of its pricing slots from $99/Mo to $499/Mo.

For any assistance need for using BuzzSumo take a tour here.

9.Canva Business

Canva Business is a complete design platform. Here you can make logos, adds, post image that means any kind of image you need using its a huge storage of default templates which you can modify as you wish.

If you think brand marketing for your business then Canva Business is a huge opportunity for your social branding with its huge design opportunities.

If you are a member of Canva Business no need to bear extra cost having a designer for your brand marketing.

Take a tour at Canva Business for details.


Buffer is an all in one platform for your social media solution. You can manage all your social media marketing in one place which is hugely time-saving.  It is very user friendly with its intuitive setup flow and easy clean interface. It includes lots of advanced features which help you to do lots of social media jobs.

With Buffer, you can make your social media solution by planning, creating, and scheduling your social media post, measure post-performance with its analytical data. You can work with your team together for the marketing strategy through Buffer.

It starts from free with the limited options to $199/Month.

To use Buffer properly visit Buffer Support Center.


Hootsuite is a supper powered and most popular social media management tool for your all social solution. You can easily store your content in its cloud service for your team member to access at any time they need for social media posting.

In Hootsuite, you are able to schedule multiple posts once using developed tags and keywords. Here you can track your social media content performance, calculate ROI, conversions, and also able to track public conversions regarding your business or brand.

Hootsuite has a free plan for 1 user up to 3 profiles than the professional, team, business, and enterprise plan with advanced facilities.

To know more about Hootsuite you can visit Hootsuite User Guide.


Lots of work need to be done by an online marketer or a digital marketer so it’s very important if you are able to do more job in one platform in a short time that will help a lot for your marketing solution.

There is no alternative here without online marketing tools any digital marketer can do their job done smoothly. Here I have discussed 11 tools hope if you can use these tools properly you will be able to make your job done very fast and perfectly.

My last word for the marketers is your success will depend on how you able to use the right tool in the right time.


I am an SEO expert in Bangladesh and professional blogger.