Online Games Every Millenials Should Know

There are various games available for millennials, but there is another amazing game, “Pai Gow” that is best for millennials and as well as easy to play. Hence, millennials, let’s learn how to play Pai Gow, but first, we will explain to you what this game is.¬†


What is Pai Gow? 

It is a poker game that’s simplified for gamers’ ease. This millennials game grants the players a chance to achieve a big hand where you can earn as high as 8,000:1 in your bet. Beating the banker is the main objective in Pai Gow. Pai Gow is also called a double-hand poker.¬†


What are the rules of Pai-Gow? 

These golden rules of Pai Gow will help you win the game: 

Deal seven cards- 

The rule for every player in the table is to deal with seven cards. 


Divide seven into two- 

The seven cards need to be divided into two. The low hands will be placed at the front with five cards placed at the back, known as high hand. The rules are similar to poker. 


Aim high- 

It is mandatory to keep your high hand in a higher position than the low. You cannot win the game by making your low hand robust at the expense of the high hand if the dealer deals with a horrible hand.


wild card- 

In any royal flush, straight flush, or even straight, the Joker card is a wild card. Else, it’s an Ace.


General poker law-

The general poker ranking system judges the high hand. 


Low and high hand- 

The low hand is counted as a pair or a non-pair. The highest low hand will technically consist of a pair of aces, and the lowest possible hand at the front would be 3-2. 



If four cards with equal ranking make up a hand, it is called four-of-a-kind. This means the four cards you are holding right now consist of cards with a similar class. If you have four two pairs, you have the lowest level of cards, but if you have four aces, you have the highest level of the set. 


Pai Gow Terminologies

There are various terminologies that you need to know before you play Pai Gow. 

Term 1- Roll of Three Dice 

A total of three dice concludes the direction of the first hands. The position and the role of the three dice when placed randomly, it will decide the hands. The player-dealer position can be 1,17 or 19. 

Term 2- Backline Betting 

When you bet on a hand, but you don’t have a particular position of the seat in the table, it is called “backline-betting.” Multiple payers can gamble on the same hand. There is no restriction on it.¬†

Term 3- Setting the hand 

Setting the hand is not hard if you understand the game properly. In this process, each player will layout one pair of hands into two sets of two tiles. One is high, and another one is low, and then you need to place it face down on the tile. This whole process is known as setting the hand. 

Term 4- Pai Gow odds

GIt is a clever act to be aware of the odds when playing Pai Gow. You have to know the player’s odds of winning the hand or the dealer winning the hands or the chance that your hands can be given a draw result.¬†

Term 5- House Edge 

The house edge amounts to 1.5%, which is relatively low compared to other casino games. You can easily get a 5% commission if you win on hip. Known as the rake also. 

Term 6- Hands that bank 

The remaining players gamble except for the dealer and the player, who sets up a bank. The bank can be taken twice after all the turns get over, the button will start circling counterclockwise. The remaining players will have a chance to refuse the positions offered to the. The player-dealer can choose one of the eight piles to deliver their first hand. The dealer can continuously mount action towards the selected hands. 


Strategy Of Playing Pai Gow! 

You have to be highly dependent on the dealing of the cards because Pai Gow doesn’t have any betting rounds. The splits of the more players must have a higher rank compared to the player-dealer and vice versa.¬†


Special Instruction To Ace Your Game! 

It operates in the same process as poker, and it has a total of 53 cards where 52 cards are general and one wild card joker. For winning the game, your hand must be divided into five-card hands and two-card hands, which will overthrow the dealer’s two hands.¬†



  • The wild card or the joker is not genuine and is subject to specific rules. It acts like an Ace or the fifth card in either a straight or a royal flush. It will not operate as a pair-of-queens of 10s.¬†


  • The five cards have other names too, such as behind, high, big, or bottom.


  • Two cards are commonly known as small, minor, low, hair, on top, etc.¬†


As the traditional poker games here also hands having the same value, but with a little difference. 


  • The five hands are the highest level hand in Pai-Gow.¬†¬†


  • Ace 2, 3, 4, and 5 will become the second-highest hand in Pai Gow.¬†


  • No bluffing is allowed in Pai Gow.¬†



If you have a steady hand and understand the laws and rules of playing the Pai-Gow, you will win. All the necessary details mentioned will help you in your game. If luck favorably works while playing poker, no one can stop you from acing your game!  


FAQs on Pai Gow

Are the rules of Pai-Gow always the same? 

No, the answer is no. The rules are not always the same because casinos can modify rules. 

What should be my age to play Pai Gow? 

You should be an adult to play Pai Gow. Generally, the age is 18 or 21, depending on the rules of your country or state. 

What will happen if the dealer wins both the hands? 

If ever this happens, the dealer will win the player’s stake too.¬†

How many jokers are there in Pai Gow? 

Pai Gow has one joker out of 53 total cards. The joker is fully wild.

How to win the Pai Gow game? 

You will start winning the game as soon as you become a banker.