Online clothing: the guide to make no mistake

After a long period of quarantine, each of us has had to seriously reevaluate online shopping. Even the most diehard has had to adapt to the only form of purchase available to rediscover themselves at the end of the big fans of internet shopping. Online shopping offers many advantages: advantageous prices, no queues and stress and an unlimited choice. But to become a real expert on Charity hard to find fashion for 2020, here is a useful guide that will allow you to not get the sizes wrong and to buy the best pieces.

Compare prices on the original sites –

If the site you are shopping on is a retailer of multiple brands, search the brand’s original site for the same product and compare prices and offers. You may find that it is an item from a past collection and at that point you may find it at an outlet even at half price. If you don’t know the site you buy well and you have doubts about the authenticity of the garment, check the brand’s website for the same models and the same color variations.

Put the items in the cart and … wait –

Leaving the items you intend to buy in the cart has two benefits: first of all, it allows you to reflect a little on what to do. Leave them for a week, if after seven days you are still convinced that you want to buy them, go ahead. Furthermore, the e-ecommerce themselves often contact you by e-mail proposing advantageous offers and discounts to entice you to conclude the purchase.

Sign up for the newsletter and write reviews –

First rule of saving: when you buy on a site, register and subscribe to the newsletter. Almost all e-commerce stores give you a 10 to 20% discount on your first purchase. If, on the other hand, it is not the first time you buy on a site, look carefully among the e-mails received you may find a discount code or a promotion in progress on the site that interests you.

Look at the size guide and measure yourself –

Shopping online could be a flop when it comes to fit. Each brand and model has different sizes and some garments do not have indicative photos with the models, so it is really difficult to choose the perfect size. First watch the demonstration video. Seeing the models in motion will help you understand how the dress moves on your body. As for the size, usually each product has a size table that in cm indicates

Watch out for fabrics –

Not being able to touch the clothes we buy online, it is essential to inquire about the fabrics. Would you spend € 100 for a beautiful dress but of a poor fabric that makes you sweat like crazy? Read the whole description and read the composition and details of the dress. You would risk buying a dress that you thought was made of viscose only to discover that it is 90% polyester.

Buy in reverse seasons. This is because you can find everything at any time of the year and the off-season garments always receive super convenient discounts.