Online Cigar Shop? Everything You Need To Know About Cigar Humidors

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What is a cigar humidor?

The first step is to know the different options on where to store the cigars. Humidors keep them in optimal conditions of quality and freshness.

What a cigar humidor is, how it works, how many kinds of humidors are on the market, their different capacities, and their operation. If you have thought that a drawer can be a perfect place, you are wrong. Cigars need humid temperatures to keep them restored in the long term and thus prevent them from hardening and dehydrating.

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A cigar humidor is a wooden chest designed to help maintain a relative humidity level in the cigars stored there. These humidifying containers prevent the tobacco leaves from drying out and caking, helping to retain the water that remains naturally in the tobacco. Keep in mind that when cigars are too dry, they wither and lose their attractive flavor and aroma. They will also burn too quickly, making it difficult to smoke them properly. On the other hand, extremely high humidity can lead to mold, rot, and even an environment conducive to the growth of tobacco weevil.

How to use a humidifier

A good humidor has everything you need to keep your cigars properly. A high-quality cigar humidor is more than just a box and has several important parts to provide perfect indoor climate control.

Humidifier setup

The most important part of a humidor is its humidification system. This can be simple or complex. The humidifier adds moisture to the humidor, so your cigars stay plump and burn slowly. Proper humidity also helps preserve essential oils, which provide the flavor and aroma you’ve come to expect from your favorite cigars. Keep humidor 70 percent damp for optimum storage. To do this, your humidor needs a source of water. How? Here are some ways to bring moisture:

Components of a Humidor:

  • Pads or Sponges: The simplest way to maintain humidity in a humidor is by soaking pads or sponges in distilled water that absorb moisture and keep it for a certain time. Distilled water fulfills the function of generating humidity by preventing minerals and mold from entering the humidor.
  • Gel Capsules: These capsules are designed to contain up to five hundred times their weight in water and are processed with propylene glycol, which allows that water to slowly exhale into the humidor, keeping the cigars with the perfect humidity. This peculiarity in the capsules can last one or two years. After that, it is required to soak them in distilled water to activate their properties.
  • Silica beads or pearls: Silica beads serve to absorb and stabilize the water inside the humidor, for cleaner water distribution, especially in hot or humid climates.
  • Humidipaks: Humidipaks are envelopes made with a special envelope that allows absorbing and expelling pure water and the necessary natural salts to maintain a precise relative humidity (RH) inside the humidifier. According to user preferences, you can choose between 58% or 62% relative humidity. After four months, they will likely need to be replaced. It is always recommended not to remove the contents of the envelopes.
  • Electronic humidifiers: This type of humidor has electronic mechanisms that generate humidity with a high level of effectiveness, with just a 3% error range. It is required to recharge with distilled water for its operation, with the advantage that its internal system takes care of doing the rest and offers the advantage of being configured according to the requirements of each person.

How much is a cigar humidor worth?

You should know that the price of cigar humidors varies according to different characteristics such as size, internal capacity for the humidifiers, the wood used for their manufacture, quality of the fittings, hermeticity, finishes such as glass or wood lid, and some additional details that make the difference between different models.

Becoming a fan of the art of cigars does not mean that you have to buy a big, beautiful, and expensive humidor. The learning process is linked to taking certain steps that lead to full knowledge on the subject and distinguishing if we have been passionate about this beautiful art. 

At this point, any investment in a humidor is justified. If we talk about professionally manufactured humidors, we find some small, portable, and basic models and the most sophisticated ones with high storage capacity. 

What wood are humidors made of?

Most modern humidors are made of some wood, with cedar being preferred to isolate temperature and maintain humidity. There are other kinds of wood, such as cherry, walnut, mahogany, oak, and acrid, which are also used to make cigar humidors.

Choosing the perfect wood for the manufacture of cigar humidors is of great importance, bearing in mind that cigars are a very prized possession and must be stored and preserved to keep them in optimal quality conditions for a long time, even for years.

Humidor temperature

The wood used in humidors plays an important role in their conservation. A humidor made with low-quality wood does not allow the proper humidity or temperature to be regulated, causing fluctuation problems that can ruin cigars. To keep the cigars in the perfect humidity, humidors must maintain the internal humidity. It is between 65 and 75% and the temperature between 20C and 25C.

It is almost mandatory to acquire a humidor with high-quality wood with hermetic finishes. These advantages allow cigars to fuse their aromas with the aromatic hues of the cedar or wood of your choice.

Advantages of cedar humidor:

Some of the main benefits associated with cedar include:

  • Temperature regulation
  • Humidity regulator
  • Preserves the freshness of cigars
  • Preserves the smell and aroma of cigars
  • Prevents the proliferation of the tobacco weevil

How many cigars can fit in a humidor?

According to the need for each particular case, you can consult the different classes of humidors on the market to buy the perfect humidor.