Online Career Accelerator Legit Reviews: Unbelievable Success Stories

Today, I will give you a review on how I started from having zero experience in digital marketing to getting my first job at Amazon with the help of An Bui.

Is the course legit? Is it worth the money and effort? Does it help you find a job that you can work from home?

Read until the end to find out!

An Bui’s Online Career Accelerator

Participating in Online Career Accelerator, you will have full access to one-to-one mentoring, coaching, and training. An Bui also offers all the requisite resources for the student to perform the interview like checklists, examples, scripts, and interview videos that will help you to land a job. This is actual training that participants will undergo once they sign up for the service.

The program offers:

  •  Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Advance Digital Marketing Training
  • How to Land a $70,000 -$150,000 Online Job
  • Private Facebook Page Coaching
  • A modern, interdisciplinary approach to training

Compared to far more pricey work training programs such as coding boot camps or college, the course has a very reasonable price of $4,997 (or five monthly payments totaling $5,700).

The course is a 10-week program, and you can take as much as you want and work over the content as slowly as you can. It contains assessments and activities for you to follow, a resume template, and a cover letter for persons with no experience. It helps a lot of individuals to get ahead of others. Advises you on what skill you need to improve. It is a very engaging course that inspires you every step of the way.

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What I Learned From An Bui

Not only does An Bui teach you all facets of digital marketing, but he also teaches you two primary points to train you for your career success; how to acquire a career and how to have your customers. To back up his statements, he uses statistics and gives you a better explanation of why he thinks so highly of this field.

If you are a beginner in marketing like me, An Bui will teach you everything. How to create WordPress sites, how to set up ad accounts, how to do SEO, SEM, PPC, Facebook advertising, Google Ads, and many more. An will also teach you how to showcase your skills in a way that makes employers want to hire you. That time I was interviewed with Amazon, I had simultaneous interviews with 5 other companies and rejected offers from 3 other companies the week before.

My Life After Taking The Course

I have been thinking of going back to college to take another course ever since I got a job. But when I look at what the college program is trying to teach you, I think it is complete nonsense, and it is not really worth going for. Colleges charge you 3x of what you are going to learn with An’s course. It will just waste your time, because honestly speaking, employers think about how their company will be affected, not about a sheet of paper.

Not so long ago, I purchased the Online Career Accelerator course. Now, I have a high-paying, fully remote, digital marketing job at Amazon. I grew up and watched Amazon evolve from an online book shop to the powerhouse of a business that it is today. I have always admired getting a job at Amazon because of its ability to adapt, change, and how they provide a positive customer experience. Now that I was able to be a part of this company, I will showcase all the skills that An Bui has taught me during my training in Online Career Accelerator. Learning from a true expert like An is the best way to succeed in your Digital Marketing career.

My Opinion About Online Career Accelerator is a Scam

It is not a scam, absolutely. A scam is where you get nothing in return. An Bui’s course gives and guides you in everything you need to know on how to get a job and a 6-figure income. How do I know? Well, I took the course myself. I am very proud to say that the guy you all have been criticizing is the man behind my success.

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Final Thoughts About Online Career Accelerator

Online Career Accelerator supports many students who wish to transform their lives to the highest degree possible. I owe this incredible opportunity to An Bui and Online Career Accelerator. The coaching of An was invaluable, I learned a lot, and most importantly, it fulfilled its great promise to get me job-ready. Of course, not everyone will get the same results as I do, but at least go at it full-fledged, do everything and take the risk.

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