Onions as Versatile Nutrients

Onions these days can be found in processed form, enabling them to be easily and quickly incorporated into different types of food items. One can even enjoy them directly in the form of crispy onion rings, along with suitable dips. Crispy fried onions are suitable for a wide variety of cuisines, and are suitable for use both at home and at restaurants. 

No need to worry about escalating onion prices


Onion prices in India have been very flexible since several years, and continue to be so. Household budgets often have to be adjusted according to these prices. However, once someone looks to buy crispy fried onions online it becomes possible to buy them at constant prices, in the processed form. This allows both homes and restaurants to use substantial quantities of onion. What’s more, there’s no need to shed tears while peeling or cutting them, thereby helping save time and energy. This makes the crispy fried onions highly suitable for parties, as well as for those people who have to leave for work after cooking in the morning.  

Restaurants get bulk rates

Since hotels, restaurants, and other cooking establishments make use of onions in bulk, they have the option to ask for bulk rates. This makes the fried onions very affordable for them in the long run. In addition to the fried onions, dehydrated onions and onion flakes are also available. All of these can be purchased from reputed websites, to ensure high product quality over time. 

Customer satisfaction is very important

Irrespective of the onion products being sold, customer satisfaction is always of paramount importance. Therefore, market experience is very important to ensure that buyers like the tastes of onion rings or flakes. Dehydrated flakes have been wanted by many customers over time, and high-quality products gives manufacturers the chances to carry out brisk business.  

Customer satisfaction is what leads to loyal groups of followers, and also helps to earn goodwill. Despite the goodwill, it is important for customers to remember to read all labels, directions, and warnings before consumption of such edible products. 

Smart cooking of onions 

A certain set of brand new processed onion products that show customers how onions have been cooked faster than the usual raw-onion-sautéing method is now available. This smart method allows onion flakes to be crispier and crunchier than before, and also gives them higher shelf lives. One does not have to think about waste management while handling these smartly processed onions. 

Best way to start the day

Most people are pressed for time when it comes to leaving home for office. However, eating some kind of breakfast is certainly important for health, and one can always prepare a sandwich with a little butter, salt, pepper, and the onion rings inside. If a little amount of time is available one can even add egg white with the crispy onion rings. One may also consider the addition of crispy onion rings into a breakfast salad. 

Lending crispy and crunchy flavours

Many snacks can be prepared at restaurants and homes by incorporating onions, either as flakes or in fried form. Snacks give crispy and crunchy flavours by incorporating dehydrated flakes. They are commonly used in a variety of Chinese and South Indian dishes. Some of the foods where flavours can be enhanced with dehydrated onion flakes are:

  • Rolls
  • Roasted or baked potatoes
  • Hamburgers
  • Biryani
  • Haleem 
  • Hotdogs
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Pulao

Storing processed onions 

The best technique to store processed onion products is to follow the storage instructions given on the given packets. Here, proper storage plays a major role in ensuring that they last long. Storage at the correct temperatures ensures that the fried onions last as much as six to eight months.

Unless otherwise stated on the packet, one must store each onion packet in the freezer and not with the other items inside. Room temperature is also a strict no-no, as it may turn them rancid in just 4-5 days. 

Replacing salt

Onions possess the capability to boost flavours of any savoury recipe. Compared to the fresh onions, dehydrated onions are more potent, which is why they can replace salt in items such as soups, stir fries, and stews. The flavour given out here is sweet, with a tinge of spiciness. 

Ideal for snacks in winter

One can use fried onions to prepare a number of delightful snacks in winter, especially in India. For example, Matar ke Appe is a great example of such a tasty vegetarian snack. Similarly, Pyaazi Kebab or onion kebabs are yet another option. These kebabs can be laced with delicious flavours such as nutmeg, jaggery, tamarind, and coriander. Incidentally, onions are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to keep the body warm from within.   

Onions make dishes crisp and add piquancy to food. It is far too versatile to be left out of any type of food preparation.