OnePlus Buyers: Guide everything to know in 2022

Do you know who OnePlus is? Let us know more about this app throttling the smartphone business.

Five years ago, OnePlus was just a newcomer who entered the mobile business, and we barely knew about it. It came with a bang and has come a long way in the mobile world. The brand is now a well-known global powerhouse in the smartphone segment. Now, the OnePlus is entering other gadget markets. If you are a OnePlus user, do check out OMGS.COM’s OnePlus custom cases. I am sure you will love it!

We know that OnePlus is a brand. What is a brand’s USB? What is the company’s history? What products does OnePlus manufacture? How did it become so successful? This guide is one in all which will answer all your questions that you were wondering. So, what are we waiting for? Let us shoot:

About OnePlus:

OnePlus is a Chinese company. It was started by Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl Pei (Director) in 2013. Pei has left the company and started a company named Nothing. Pei and Lau worked for Oppo earlier- a subsidiary of BBK Electronics- before starting the brand OnePlus.

OnePlus was rumored to be Oppo’s subsidiary, but both companies denied this. A statement was issued that OnePlus is a separate brand and has no connection with one another. BBK is dealing closely with both brands and OnePlus has access to Oppo’s infrastructure. It helped OnePlus to sell affordable products and save on research and development, manufacturing equipment, analysis, etc.

OnePlus released its first smartphone after four months of commencement. It proves that the company had assistance as it is not possible for any company.

OnePlus is associated with many companies behind the scenes.

Pete Lau became SVP or OPLUS brand in the year 2020. It is a parent group that is nurturing both Oppo and OnePlus for brand synergy. A year before in 2021, both companies came forward and announced a combined force bond. The brands will continue as separate brands but will share resources. For example, Oxygen OS, and Oppo’s Color OS will merge.

What are OnePlus Features?

OnePlus as we all know manufacture Android phones. Back in the day, it was known for its low-priced high-end phones with unique designs. It was first noticed in its first smartphone, the OnePlus One, which cost 22,500 INR.

With branding, it increased smartphone prices. In 2021, it launched two new variants the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. The starting range of the OnePlus 9 series is 54,675 INR. However, the specifications and premium phone design justify the price, and experts feel that it is still cheap as compared to the same segment of smartphones.

OnePlus believes in a minimalist approach and utility. Its tagline says- Go Beyond Imagination which suits the brand well. It works on Oxygen OS. It makes phones smooth, fast, and bloat-free. Unfortunately, the company has disappointed fans with recent Oxygen OS updates.

OnePlus sells its products exclusively online. You can find all products on the company’s website. Third-party commissions are eliminated. As the market is growing, the company has limited its products.

OnePlus has limited other products like chargers, headphones, and other accessories. OnePlus Bullets are wired headphones, and OnePlus Bullet Wireless is wireless earphones. In 2020, the company launched earbuds named OnePlus Buds. Later, the OnePlus Buds Z variant was the new tech in the market.

OnePlus also launched the OnePlus TV in 2019. These are powered by Android. They are available in a few regions of the world. We will meet the growing demand in the US and other states, says OnePlus. Till now, there is no pass to the states.

OnePlus is ready for a new launch in the smartwatch line. The OnePlus Watch is disliked by users and has many negative reviews online.

Short and Crisp Details on OnePlus Smartphones:

OnePlus has two categories of smartphones- OnePlus Roster (flagship series) and Nord series. Flagship series has few sub-categories, and Nord focuses on the mid-range market.

OnePlus Roster- The Flagship Series:

Every year OnePlus comes with a flagship series. In 2021, the OnePlus 9 series came with all top-of-the-line features. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. It gets innovative with every new product.

OnePlus 9 Series:

OnePlus 9: Priced @ 54,765INR

It is a value for money mobile with a solid camera, processor, wireless charging, and high-end technology. It is worth the money.

OnePlus 9 Pro: Priced @ 80,175INR

The OnePlus 9 Pro has a sleek premium design with a 6.7 inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 processor, and a Hasselblad camera. Check it out.

OnePlus 9R: Priced @ 36,999INR

It is a budget model with a so-so processor and camera compared to the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. It has fast charging and a 120Hz display.

The OnePlus T Variant:

OnePlus T variant was released in 2016. The first T variant was the OnePlus 3T which was an exact copy of the OnePlus 3 with few upgrades. It was a trend by OnePlus to refresh the segment by launching a new variant in the second half.

The most recent launch in the T series is 8T. It has new feature addition of Warp Charge 65. That is a proprietary of OnePlus under 65 W wired charger. It charges 8T fully in just 40 minutes. This technology is also seen in OnePlus 9.

The Nord Series:

In 2020, Nord launched its first series. In terms of looks and specs, the OnePlus Nord flagship offers few compromises. The Nord CE is cheaper than the Nord first model. The Nord N series started with the Nord N 10 and the Nord N 100. They are affordable models of the OnePlus system. The phones are rebranded Oppo phones.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G: Priced @ 22,425INR

It is a mid-range phone from OnePlus. It features a quad rear camera. 30W charging kit and 5G network.

How is OnePlus different from other brands?

The smartphone industry is highly competitive. Every player is smart and updates the phones with new tech that is customer beneficial. It is hard to stand in the crowd with so much cutthroat fight. Fortunately, OnePlus’ few characteristics make it unique. Like:

  • Limited Lineup: OnePlus releases more than one smartphone in a year. Its primary competitor is Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi, which released more variants in a year. OnePlus has adopted the same strategy as Apple that releases a small section of phones in a year.
  • Smart Pricing: OnePlus has increased prices over years but is still competitive. When you compare it with Samsung and Apple you know you are saving hundreds of dollars for the same specs phone.
  • Global Access: You get Oppo, Xiaomi, RealMe, and many Chinese phones only on online platforms. It has zero presence in the U.S. Still, OnePlus is embraced globally, and consumers buy their phones in many countries.


  1. How much OnePlus smartphone cost?

Ans. For a OnePlus phone, you have to spend a minimum of 22,400 INR. For a premium phone, you have to spend 75,000 INR. So it’s up to you what you want. You have choices to make as per your pocket size.

  • Does OnePlus have a wireless charging variant?

Ans. Yes, the OnePlus 9 series comes with wireless charging. Other variants feature wired chargers.

  • What about headphone jacks?

Ans. All flagship phones come with headphone jacks.

  • Do OnePlus phones have IP ratings?

Ans. OnePlus has two phones with IP ratings: the OnePlus 9 Pro and the OnePlus 8 Pro.

  • Do OnePlus phones have expandable storage options?

Ans. No, OnePlus phones do not have expandable memory slots or options. Only OnePlus Nord N10 and N100 come with microSD slots.

  • If OnePlus phones go for repairs, do I have to ship the phone to China?

Ans. No, OnePlus is present in the U.S., Europe, India, and many other countries. Your phone repair will be handled by the country where you purchased it. There is no need to ship your phone to China.

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