What Makes Sunknowledge Services The Perfect One-stop DME Prior Authorization Solution

Working as a complete medical billing solution including complex data entry, prior authorization, claims and AR management etc, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the perfect destination for all complex DME prior authorization solutions. With a complete understanding of the DME prior authorization regulation and guidelines, our experts concentrate on ending all the authorization gaps faster and efficiently with process automation and real-time management. Catering to the complete DME prior authorization needs, our experts ensuring 100% prior authorization submission on the same day, further take an extra effort on preparing 3 prior auth in one hour with a 99 percent approval rate.

Helping our clients to experience a seamless prior authorization, where the practice can gain business dividends, we additional ensures proper checks and balance, continuous follow up etc; providing you with the best practices and quality. With a complete operational transparency and maintaining a complete HIPAA standard that ensures secrecy of patient information; our experts additional work on increasing the rate by 1.5 – 2x for your DME prior authorization as well as take complete care of doctor office follow up for necessary documentation and details needed for a seamless DME prior authorization. In fact, our complete DME prior authorization starts with:

  • Verifying eligibility
  • Initiating authorization
  • Following-up on the request
  • Obtaining and acknowledging authorization
  • Scheduling the drug delivery etc

Putting extra attention, our experts further ensures regular follow-ups on the claims in a span of 30 days, along with excellent customized prior authorization reporting according to the client protocol. Other benefits partnering with Sunknowlege Services further are:

  • Priority handling of the high dollar value claims
  • Decrease in the overall operational cost by 80%
  • Highest productivity metrics in the industry
  • 9% accuracy rate in the complete DME prior authorization process.
  • The oldest DOS is the first to be addressed

If you are the one looking to improve your DME prior authorization without much investment, we are the one-point of contact helping you through the complex authorization process with a better authorization solution.