One Page website and its benefits

When we talk of a one page website, it is any website which has all of the necessary contents placed within a single page. Unlike other websites which have lots of pages where you could see all of their contents, a one page website incorporates all of them in one. Also, the navigation is quite straightforward as you can see what you wish to see by simply scrolling up and down the page itself without the need to go somewhere else.

Building an online presence by creating your business website is definitely a must. But if you are lacking enough funds to get a full website developed, then investing on a one page website will be your best choice. Websites built in a single page have become popular because of the fact that it really works. Usually, a single page website is used by several businesses to act as their portfolio or landing page for a brief product or service promotion and any other important announcements in which the need for lengthy, and sometimes boring contents aren’t necessary.

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The reason why a lot of businesses are built on a single page website is because it has many great benefits to offer. Here are the main benefits that one could get by investing on a one page website.

Quick and easy information in a single location

With the necessary information intact within a single page, you could be able to inform your readers and your customers quickly and easily. This will make it easy for them to get to your point. By this, you have to be really selective in your choice of words and think of some means to capture the attention of your readers in a glance. You can even add several interactive media such as images and videos to further entice your viewers to stick to your page and take the time to find out something more.

User experience is further improved

One page websites are easier to navigate since it includes all the information within a single page. Users will surely have a better experience when viewing because the page is more likely to be responsive and the loading time takes less. By just a few clicks or scrolling, users can find and get the things they want to see without the need for a navigation bar.

You can focus on quality than quantity

A one page website enables you to focus more on quality than quantity. There is no need to design multiple layouts for your various site contents since they are all included within a one page website design. This will enable you to have a high quality and good looking design for better results.

Advertising is more cost effective

Your one page website provides a cost effective approach for your advertising campaigns. The cost for advertising a single page website is minimal and provides better results as compared to traditional advertising methods like Yellow pages or that of massive paperbacks. You don’t have to settle for various web pages to market since you are only going to focus on a single page to market.

Easier maintenance

Since it is only built on one page, webmasters owning single page websites don’t find it difficult to maintain theirs. There is no need to check constantly for 404 error pages or some broken links within your site simply because there are no other pages to pay attention to other than the single page itself.

Gives you a better edge for ranking on Google

Having a single page website is a great means to get a jumpstart in building your search engine rankings and allows you for better placement. Considering that you are only promoting a single page as a whole, the rankings will all be applied to your entire site thus leading you to higher traffic. All the link juices accumulated from your outbound links are all intact within a single page, enabling your site to have more authority over the search engines results pages.

Why are single page websites popular?

Single page websites are particularly popular for freelance web designers or those freelancers who want to showcase their presence through an online portfolio. However, such websites are also widely popular among thousands of business owners who are looking for ways to promote their products or services in a short yet interesting approach.

Is a one page website right for you?

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