On the Road: 7 Things a Student Driver Should Look For in a Driving Instructor

Many may not know this, but the duration of your learning experience will depend on the driving teacher. If an instructor checks all of your boxes and you process the lessons quickly, you can learn how to drive in a snap!

A driving instructor will be responsible for your safety and future in driving. Thus, it makes finding an instructor extremely hard since it involves a lot of meticulous research. Thankfully, you’re just on the right page! The information below consists of seven crucial things you should look for in a driving instructor.

1.    Proper Qualifications

The first item on this list is that the instructor should have proper qualifications. It’s an apparent item, but it’s also extremely vital. The first thing you should do is check whether they’re qualified to be a driving instructor. Ask for their stamp of approval and license that they’re working in a licensed driving school.

2.    Experience

What is a teacher? It’s someone that has professional knowledge about a subject. Thus, ensure that the driving instructors you look for have adequate experience and wisdom. Be sure to hire someone that already has experience teaching students to earn their licenses. In this way, you can determine whether they have been successful in previously tutoring students.

Additionally, with the vast experience of your future instructor, they can teach you crucial information about the road. This information can include test routes, shortcuts, road conditions, local examiners, and more! It’s conducive to learn from a professional with enough wisdom to share with their students.

3.    Patience

Learning how to use a moving vehicle is a big deal; thus, it’s normal to be nervous in your first driving lesson. It’s unlikely that you’ll process every information taught by the instructor. So, the teacher you hire should understand these circumstances and ease your worries.

It’s also pertinent that the instructor is aware and reassures you that not all students are the same. One individual will have different ways of learning, etc. Thus, the teacher should be mindful not to be too short with you.

An instructor that blatantly shows their frustration and takes it on a complete beginner is someone you don’t want to teach you. Someone with this personality will only hinder your learning process and stop you from reaching the expected outcome.

4.    Good Reviews

An excellent way of measuring an instructor’s qualifications to be your teacher is by getting recommendations and ratings from their previous students. Be sure to use your keen observation to analyze the review’s credibility.

When researching information about the instructors, immediately go to their Google reviews to read about the driving facility and its instructors. Without a doubt, the instructor you would want to hire is someone with glowing reviews. Suppose the driving lesson instructor doesn’t have Google reviews or any information on the Internet. In that case, you can ask locals around you for their recommendations.

5.    Adequate Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a must! You don’t want to get mixed signals when driving since it can bring down your confidence and confuse you. Indeed, communication skills significantly impact the instructor you should hire.

The instructor you hire should politely and effectively communicate your weaknesses and strengths on the road. The instructor should give you helpful, constructive criticism to effectively learn in your lessons. If they don’t tell you your mistakes, how else can you know?

6.    Attends to your learning style

Each human being has its unique ingredients that make them who they are. The teacher needs to understand that not everyone has the same learning style. Some may be verbal learners, visual learners, or learn from experience.

So, you must determine which type of learner you are to help ease the process. Some instructors may not know how to teach a specific learning style, so be sure to ask them before applying for a driving class. When selecting an instructor, the decision will depend on which instructor can satisfy all of your criteria, like learning style.

7.    Approachability

An instructor should be approachable. No matter how shy you may be, these instructors are someone you need to rely on to learn how to drive. So, it would be extremely awkward and somewhat unbearable to be in a car with someone you can’t easily communicate with.

Instructors should be able to match their client’s energy, but most significantly, they should be outgoing and friendly. As mentioned above, it’s normal for students to be scared. Thus, it depends on the instructor to lighten the mood and ease your nerves.

In Conclusion

Check whether the instructor you have your eyes on has all the seven qualities above. These qualities make up the perfect instructor that everyone wants to hire. Indeed, who would want to hire an experienced teacher who has poor people skills? So, searching for an instructor like this can be laborious, but it will surely be worth the effort!

Ellen Hollington

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