On the Autobahn to discover the wonders of Germany

Germany is a European country located at the intersection of Central and Western Europe, making it one of the most visited places for tourists. With old and rustic villages, new and modern cities, Germany offers a unique combination that will satisfy everyone. They are famously good hosts, who will offer delicious specialties and even better drinks. Whether you are looking for busy nightlife in the cities or prefer quiet walks in one of the 13 national parks, Germany has it all.

What is the best way to travel around Germany?

Traveling through Germany in a car might be one of the best things to do to get to know this amazing country. Their famous traffic system named “Autobahn” is one of the things that separates them from other tourist countries. Driving without usual speed limits, on a perfectly made road while surrounded by amazing sights is the way to experience this country. Luxury car rental in Germany offers just that, an intimate and splendor experience that will make any journey wonderful. Discovering new and exciting places, and being able to determine where to go next is what makes it memorable.

What to see in Germany?

Germany has a lot to offer, and being able to reach any destination on the Autobahn is a big benefit. It’s not a small country, but smooth roads and fast pace driving will make it easier to get to desired places in no time. There are a few iconic cities that paint the picture of Germany perfectly and should be on every bucket-list:


Start your tour in the capital of Germany and the best representative of this country, as the architecture here tells the story of the entire national history. From old and rustic, to new and modern buildings Berlin will charm anyone and it’s no wonder this city attracts so many different people. Be sure to visit a few landmarks like the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Museum Island.


The capital city of Saxony, once destroyed by bombing, today remains an architectural wonder of Germany. With a rich history and vibrant life, this place is a must-see city. When you are there be sure to visit the rocks of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, not far from Dresden, as one of the natural sculptures and with breathtaking views.


Hamburg is known as the “Gateway” of Germany because of its large ports and open seas. This amazing city is the second-largest in Germany and one of the most popular for tourists, and it comes as no surprise as the wonders that Hamburg has to offer are endless. When in Hamburg, be sure to drive to the Lüneburg Heath nearby and take a walk through purple fields filled with blooming flowers.