On-Site Refueling: A More Efficient Way to Refuel Plant and Equipment

It’s important to have the correct fuel solutions that are made for your business needs, and not just during the absolutely crucial times of production, but throughout the year! That’s where on-site refueling comes along, which helps improve your business’ productivity.

On-site refueling works in either two ways: It’s either directly into your equipment or directly into your on-site fuel storage unit, like diesel tanks. But why is this more beneficial compared to other fueling methods?

Read on to see why you should consider on-site refueling:

  • Whenever and Wherever
On-site refueling services allow you to refuel your equipment or fleet no matter where you are and what time of the day. The fuel you purchase will be directly delivered to your fleet or machines, so you save time having to wait for the fuel, nor will you have any problems in transportation or logistical issues if companies can’t cater to your location.
  • You Receive Tailor-Fitted Solutions

All businesses have different needs in terms of how much fuel is consumed daily for production. Various companies offer different on-site refueling solutions, catering needs of specific businesses and projects. When you receive these services from the fuel provider, you’re assured that you have the correct amount of fuel, not worrying about running out when needed most.

  • No Need for Storage Tanks

When you deliver fuel directly to your equipment and/or fleet, you won’t need to worry about spending more on pricey storage tanks. With on-site refueling, there’s no stress in thinking about fuel being stored properly, nor will you need to spend money and effort maintaining or repairing storage tanks as needed.

Furthermore, it saves the hassle of relocating the business’ fuel tanks when you need to relocate or reposition the operations.
  • Reduces Operating Costs

Some people think that specialized fuel solutions are pricier without much benefit to the business. However, that assumption is usually wrong! With on-site refueling, it reduces the driver downtime, thus increasing productivity. This solution allows your drivers to save time and effort, focusing more on the job at hand. They won’t need to go to service stations for refueling, with all the fuel they need in the area, ready for use.

Furthermore, it saves you money if you planned to hire someone else to administer the fuel. If you’re looking at consuming a large amount of fuel, on-site refueling is the best option.
  • The Correct Equipment

Fuel storage and delivery will require expensive fuel tanks to maintain the stored fuel quality, especially when transporting it. Many businesses and operations requiring large amounts of fuel won’t usually have the correct equipment for storage and delivery. That’s why fuel distributors offer bulk fuel and on-site refueling and delivery services to avoid trouble. To make it easier for on-site refueling companies, make sure your company has the proper aviation fueling equipment.

As mentioned, bulk tanks that have residual fuel remaining are difficult to relocate because of the structural strain during lifting. Plus, relocating bilk tanks may pose safety and environmental risks from potential spills.
  • Monitored Fuel Delivery

When administering fuel, you will need to monitor this, especially when it comes to bulk fuel deliveries. That’s why on-site refueling is ideal for any project-based operation since it allows business owners and operators to monitor fuel consumption.

Since all these deliveries and transactions are documented and monitored, it will be easier to detect any suspicious activity or theft that may happen. Fuel theft won’t only take a toll on your expenses and productivity but is also a safety risk, and on-site refueling lessens that risk.
  • No Issues with Accounting

Customers won’t have to tie-up cash on excess fuel that sits in a bilk tank until it’s completely used. You pay as you go and in smaller amounts, which will assist your company with the cash flow.

Cost accounting is much more accurate since the fuel spends for a certain hob will be better measured compared to excess residual bulk that stays in the fuel tank for the next project.

With on-site refueling, separate billing for individual locations or plants may be done, providing a clearer indication to accountants about the actual fuel cost, helping them create accurate cost or expense accounting reports.

Wrapping It Up

While on-site refueling isn’t a solution for every business or company, they have many benefits that can help businesses become more efficient and productive. Consider the amount of fuel you need daily and the frequency of fuel deliveries required, and you can see if this solution is most suitable for your operations.

I hope that this article on on-site refueling helped you see the advantages of this solution. Now that you’re familiar with the advantages of on-site refueling, start looking into companies that offer affordable and efficient services. Good luck and if you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share, comment below!

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