OMOUNT The Best Roof Bike Rack for Transporting Your Bicycle

OMOUNT is an Indian manufacturer of vacuum-based car racks and mounts for Cycles and Electronics where all its products are proudly made in India. In last two years since it has been founded in 2020, OMOUNT has grown its facilities and staff so that they never had to compromise on quality. All their products are made with latest industrial Automation and testing. This means each OMOUNT product – and their components – are over-engineered and over-built to match their uncompromising standards right here in Chandigarh India!
OMOUNT have been family owned and operated since 2020 when they first started making cycle racks using their innovative vacuum mount technology, it occurred to them that their vacuum mounts could be the basis for an awesome bike rack, so they began designing the racks that they sell today across India and planning to launch in Europe and USA. Innovation is the foundation of this Company. The founder Sahil kamboj, has invented well over 100 different products to date. Every year OMOUNT works hard to introduce more and more creative solutions for the athlete or fitness enthusiasts on the go. OMOUNT Research & Development team will continue to provide consumers with premium products centered on innovation and they promise each new product introduced will not only be built to OMOUNT’s highest standards, but be travel ready, low profile, & light weight. Speaking about their Bestselling product which is a Vacuum Suction Based Cycle Roof Rack System for Cars. It is not only the world’s most portable bike rack, but also the most affordable. Easily fits in your checked baggage for airline or train travel and solves the common problem of finding a bike rack for a rental car. Also, great when traveling with friends because most cars, vans, trucks and SUVs can carry up to four bikes on a single vehicle using roof tops and windows! JUST MOUNT AND FORGET OMOUNT Complete Bike Rack System fits most types of vehicles. SUVs, sedans, vans, busses, trucks, cars, electric vehicles and even convertibles. It can be mounted in less than 2 minutes, carried in a book bag, and take your bike anywhere at any time. It is designed to be durable, reliable, strong and adaptable.

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