Olight Javelot Pro: Rechargeable High Quality Search Light Torch

If you need to look for anything in dark places, only the largest and most bright light source can do this job. Olight Javelot Pro is an inexpensive but heavyweight portable searchlight rescue device. It produces up to 2,100 lumens, and at a switch, darkness transforms into daylight. So if you are looking for something outside at night, it’s the flashlight to help you find it.

The Olight Javelot Pro’s beam length is 1080 meters. If you want to buy a torch with a more powerful and longer distanced beam, you can choose Javelot Turbo, an upgraded version of Olight Javelot Pro. And it is splash-resistant so that you can use it in the rain. As the aluminum alloy is manufactured, it is also shock-resistant and can stand in the back of a truck or van. Of course, you don’t always have to use its super bright flashlight mode, so there are two-switch illumination modes to explore.

The Javelot Pro Coyote Tan is a double LED torch following the M3XS-UT, which provides a 1,080-meter beam distance and an output of 2,100 lumens maximum. It is equipped with an OLIGHT Signature flexible tail switch that works as a tail switch for a magnetic remote pressure changer, loading port, and attach port.

Javelot Pro is the best lighting method for chasing or searching and rescue with a bezel diameter of 63mm, a high-capacity battery, convenient charging, and simple opera.

Key features

Powerful performance: powered by an integrated 25Wh battery (two 3500 mAh 18650 lithium batteries), which provides a maximum output of 2100 lumens and 1,080 meters.

The tail turn delivers 2.100 lumens in high mode and 15 lumens in low fashion. The side switch will turn on or off the light and loop in the following modes: 2,100 lumens, 600 lumens, and 15 lumens.

The LED center indicator on the side switch indicates the level of the battery:

  • The green indicator indicates more than 75% of the power of the battery.
  • The orange indicator is 30%-75% of the power of the battery.
  • Red is less than 30% of the power remaining.

If the capacity of the battery is less than 10%, the red indicator blinks. Its towered tube body offers convenience and solid grip, and a Versatile magnetic tail cap works as a loading port or mounts a magnetic pressure change switch.

Packaging Details

1.    Javelot Pro Coyote Tan x1

2.    Magnetic USB charging cable MCC5V x1

3.    Holster (in the package) x1

4.    User manual x1

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