Old School RuneScape Breaking Woodcutting Discovery

In the world of Old School RuneScape, where players strive to uncover new content and gain an edge over others, one adventurer took a different approach to woodcutting. While everyone else was focused on training their forestry skills, this daring individual embarked on a mission to discover a game-breaking exploit or a profitable strategy before anyone else had the chance. After countless hours of experimentation, a revolutionary method emerged that would forever change the way woodcutting is approached. In this guide, we will explore this groundbreaking discovery and its implications for the woodcutting community.

Unlocking the Leprechaun’s Charm:
As our intrepid adventurer delved deeper into their research, they stumbled upon an anime called “Nature’s Offering.” This item, when used, grants a 60% to 80% chance of receiving an additional log while woodcutting. Recognizing the value of this item, especially with the high price of magic logs, our adventurer seized the opportunity and invested in acquiring a significant supply.

However, the true game-changer came in the form of the Leprechaun’s Charm. This magical charm, once unlocked, summons a leprechaun capable of banking or depositing items wherever you are. This newfound ability opened up unprecedented possibilities, akin to the mechanics found in the prestigious leagues. With this charm in hand, our adventurer began amassing an incredible amount of wealth, making an astonishing four to five million RS GP per hour through woodcutting alone.

Testing the Boundaries:
Armed with the leprechaun’s charm, our intrepid explorer set out to push the boundaries of this newfound power. They experimented with various locations, searching for places where the leprechaun could be summoned. While the wilderness initially seemed promising due to the potential for risk-free resource gathering, it turned out that leprechauns could not be spawned there. Undeterred, our adventurer ventured into the Chamber of Zaros, a location rich with trees, to test the limits of this game-breaking mechanic.

During their investigations, our adventurer made an intriguing discovery: while using someone else’s leprechaun only allowed for depositing logs, summoning the leprechaun themselves enabled them to bank any item they desired. This revelation sparked a potentially risky yet tantalizing possibility: depositing raid items directly into the bank. While reporting such occurrences would be necessary, the mere prospect of such an exploit was enthralling.

Expanding the Benefits:
As our guide continued their exploration, they unearthed an unforeseen consequence of this update. In free-to-play worlds, players did not receive leaves from woodcutting, rendering the anime they obtained useless. This oversight inadvertently shifted the focus of free-to-play woodcutters to seek experience drops rather than resources. The Rising Roots event, which provided over 100 XP per occurrence without any failures, proved to be an efficient method for training woodcutting while engaging in other activities, such as agility training.

Additionally, players found themselves congregating near the bank in Sears Village, as random events would spawn behind it while players cut maples. This new dynamic had the potential to transform Sears Village into a bustling hub for various bank-standing activities, such as fletching, herblore, and crafting. Furthermore, adventurers might consider relocating their preferred combat training spots closer to trees, as the bonus XP drops from woodcutting events proved substantial.

In the ever-evolving world of Old School RuneScape, game-breaking discoveries can shift the meta and revolutionize established strategies. Our bold adventurer’s pursuit of new woodcutting methods led to the unlocking of the Leprechaun’s Charm, forever changing the way players approach woodcutting. By utilizing this charm and capitalizing on the unexpected consequences of the update, woodcutters can now passively train their skills and gain additional benefits while pursuing other activities.


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