Old school home decor ideas for a classy and elegant home

Everyone wants to live in an elegant home that upgrades their life standard in society. For ages, people try to make their home a bit different than everyone else in the locality. Different does not always mean beautiful. But, mostly, various means unique, and it helps to stand out at first glance. As everyone is trying to check out modern home decor ideas, it can be a better option to try out the old school and Victorian home decoration styles. Here in this article, we will be discussing some beautiful and elegant old school home decoration ideas for your home.

Elegant home decor ideas

Elegance comes with simplicity. It means you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to create something useful. Please scroll below to know some elegant ideas.

Colors and curtains

Elegance starts with the color you choose for your home and yourself. As your dresses make your appearance elegant, similarly, your walls will represent your choices. So, be very picky and careful while choosing the wall colors. We are talking about the Victorian-style here. Go with the white, off white, subtle purple, green, or ash colors will best complement the walls. There are different shades of white available. Usually, the Victorian-style looks best with the china white or paperwhite shade. But, you can go with the off white or ash to give a modern touch to your home.


Wall color is closely related to the color of the curtains. Curtains are not only a classy decoration item, but it also helps to improve your home styles. Victorian styles go for minimal and elegant looks. So, going with white or similar color as the walls will look best. Contrast colors are currently in trend. But, contrast curtains usually do not complement the walls according to the Victorian style.

Decoration pieces

Showpieces make your home look a little better than before. So, if you are looking forward to decorating your home, then here are some ideas.


Antique home decor pieces go very well with the Victorian home decoration styles. Mostly, you can choose Egyptian or Greek mythological character-based showpieces to complete your looks. Antique pieces are not quite budget-friendly. Here you can use the cheap replica items or creative works that resemble these antique pieces. You will find replica antique pieces on your nearby antique store, decoration pieces stores, or online pages. Several pages nowadays make decoration pieces, and they are very budget-friendly.


Grandfather clocks are one must-have item in the Victorian home decor style. You can get wooden and varnished grandfather clocks at a low price from old clock houses. Once you wash and color them, it will shine like the new one. If you are going tight on budget, then you may even get some clocks that are not in use currently. It will help you with the budget problem.


Wall lights for bedroom can be an excellent alternative to the grandfather clock or decoration paintings in the Victorian bedroom. You can get a set of lights in sequence for a better view. Lights are necessary and work as a decoration item. It is the best idea to look forward to a minimal yet classy look for your bedroom.


Home decoration is not very easy. It is not very tough, either, if you know the initial objectives to help you. Before going to the market to buy things at first make sure to do your homework and make a budget to fit your pocket. If you want more ideas, check out this article titled, “What is a Soffit?” from Hardie Boys. Good luck with your new home.