Official letter: Peculiarities of Drafting 

A business message used by organizations, private entrepreneurs or firms to send messages is called an official letter. Such a document contains:  

  • all the necessary details of the senders and the data of the recipients; 
  • sender’s signature; 

If there is a seal, the sender puts stamps on the necessary pages, and obligatorily puts his signature. This type of letter is necessary for business correspondence. An ordinary letter will not be able to convey all the important documentation and information to the recipient in full. 

Some companies form letters in letterhead for solidity and to emphasize official status. 

Types of official letters  

Companies or individuals may send an official letter to provide information or to maintain a good relationship with the recipient. There are two types of letters that depend on the purpose: 

  1. Informational – request, offer, demand, guarantee, order, etc. These letters are important to the recipient and can have legal consequences if they are ignored. 
  2. Etiquette – congratulations, thanks, condolences and apologies. They are valuable because they help to build relationships. But from a legal point of view, they are not as important as informational letters.

Based on the purpose of the letter, you should decide on the genre. But there are certain requirements for each of the options, and you should respect them.

General requirements 

Official letters should be drafted in accordance with certain norms and standards. Such documents should not contain highly specialized terms. Also, it is worth avoiding:

  1. Complicated speech, participle and derivative clauses. 
  2. Non-normative vocabulary.
  3. Vague or florid sentences.

The presence of obvious and gross errors can reduce the probability of partnership. Since the recipient will have the impression that the sender is short-sighted and illiterate. 

To compose an effective letter, you should adhere to the following rules:  

  1. It is mandatory to specify the topic – the recipient will be able to prioritize and allocate time to read it. Further, it helps to quickly find a certain letter. 
  2. If a letter needs to disclose several issues at once – it’s better to divide them into paragraphs. 
  3. It is not recommended to fold pages – a status recipient will appreciate a letter in an A4 envelope.

In addition, it is better to refuse unnecessary embellishments. It is not necessary to apply different fonts and insert pictures among the text. Additional papers or photos can be attached to the letter. 

Creation of official letters

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