Officeworks Pinboard & Plastic Locker for An Orderly Workplace

Having high-quality office accessories is an enthralling way of upgrading your workplace. They give your office an incredibly stunning facelift & make it look well-structured. Moreover, office accessories contribute to your productivity by making your job & day-to-day operations easier.

With that being said, a functional office set-up should come with minimal distracting factors as well. That’s why we have brought you three top-notch office accessories that excel in rendering an orderly look to your office & increasing your efficiency, namely Officeworks pinboard, whiteboard & plastic locker.

These hand-picked office accessories are known for their functionality in workplaces & significantly easing office operations. So, let us get started.


Top 3 Office Accessories that are Fabulous Organizers 

1). Officeworks Pinboard

Pinboard is one of the most effective communication tools amidst the busy office environment. While important emails can be easily missed, pinboards are sure to grab everyone’s attention, provided they are filled with memos & flyers with large, easy-to-read print & bright colors.

Officeworks pinboards can be used to display important information, notices & announcements, and change in the company’s policies. 


  •    Types of Officeworks Pinboard

Understanding the types of Officeworks pinboards helps you narrow down your search for a suitable one for your workplace & your job type. Basically, there are two types of pinboards – wall & magnetic boards.

1). Wall Pinboards: Wallboards are used to attach documents & memos using pins. These boards are available in a wide range of materials, including cork, felt, foam rubber, wood & fabric, giving you the freedom to choose material as per your need.

Wall pinboards are usually light-weight, which makes them easy to hang up & transport. As the pins are used to attach the documents, these boards may not hold heavier documents.

2). Magnetic Pinboards: Just as the name suggests, documents are attached on magnetic boards with magnets. These boards are suitable for hanging heavier documents. Magnetic boards are robust as they are made from metal. Because of their material, they are suitable for use even in kitchens & outdoor settings. They are easy to clean & maintain.


  •    Benefits of Pinboard in your workplace

Officeworks pinboards are lauded for their flexibility. They are suitable for use in both offices & homes to organize & display information.

Some benefits of pinboards in the workplace are listed below:

1). Pinboards help in promoting important information effectively to a large number of people.

2). They create a sense of togetherness amongst the office employees, which the emails fail to do.

3). Color-coded pinboards can easily promote crucial information amidst the busy office environment, such as upcoming meetings, project deadlines, last-minute project changes & updates.

4). Including pictures from a recent corporate/ reward & recognition event can inspire the staff. You can showcase short appreciation reports to encourage your employees to do better. 

5). Pinboards create a positive communication opportunity for the employees when you display social activities, conferences, & weekend corporate gatherings & other work-related events.


2). Officeworks Whiteboard:

Officeworks whiteboards are a significant part of every meeting, conference & group discussion. While the technology has progressed relentlessly, nothing beats the old-fashioned whiteboards. Modern businesses widely employ whiteboards for effective meetings & presentations to make them interactive & easy to understand. 

Here’s why you need whiteboards in your workplace & home:

1). Scribbling notes & diagrams on the whiteboard are easy & very effective compared to the same on smartboards. While the technology can go wrong, simple use of whiteboards enables writing & erasing brilliantly.

2). Whiteboards are a great alternative to papers & smartboards – cost-effective, durable, & easy to convey your ideas to everyone else during meetings. They work perfectly along with projectors, making your presentation impressive. You can view your presentation & explain the key highlights on the whiteboard simultaneously.

3). In the home-settings, whiteboards can be used to pen down your favorite recipes, grocery list or leave an important message for family members when leaving the house. They can also be used to keep track of upcoming events, sales, birthdays & anniversaries.

4). Officeworks whiteboard assures productive collaborative work by rendering space to employees to share their creative ideas & make others understand. Giving the opportunity to each employee to express themselves makes them feel appreciated & loved.


3). Plastic Locker

Plastic lockers are excellent storage solutions for both homes & offices. Made from sturdy & remoulded plastic, these lockers offer a reliable & secured locker option for indoor & outdoor settings. Employees can use plastic lockers to store their belongings & work efficiently without worrying about losing/misplacing them. Also, with no clutter on their desks, they can focus on their job more.

A plastic locker allows storage & classification of the official documents, files & folders, and other stuff in an office setting. The proper organization allows easy retrieval for everyone in the office.

In the past few years, plastic lockers have gained immense popularity over metal lockers because of many benefits it renders. Let us into the difference between the two.


What makes Plastic Locker Better than Traditional Metal Locker?

1). While metal lockers are prone to dent, rusting & corrosion, plastic lockers are resistant to such deteriorating effects. Also, they are waterproof & secured.

2). Plastic lockers can be employed in damp environments where traditional metals cannot do the task, including gyms & spas, food processing units, public pools, hospitals, & water-themed parks.

3). Unlike metal lockers, plastic lockers are easy to clean & maintain. They can be washed down with water & sanitation products easily as they do not harm their hard & durable structure.

4). While metal lockers are heavy & difficult to transport, plastic lockers can be easily carried from one place to another. For increased stability, you can look for plastic lockers with wheels.

5). Plastic lockers are highly durable as they are made of rotationally molded polyethylene. This sturdy material renders enormous strength to the plastic locker, making them difficult to break.

6). Over time, plastic manufacturing has led to the development of remolded plastic that is durable & offers the utmost security. Equipped with the modern security system, the plastic lockers are resistant to tampering or any potential external damage.

7). Plastic lockers are available in a wide range of shapes, eye-catching designs, & patterns to complement your personality, space & type of job, allowing you to organize things effortlessly. On the other hand, metal lockers do not offer such freedom of choice.


Last Words

As discussed above, these office accessories are best suited for use in homes, schools, businesses, & food processing industries. They add functionality & flair to the place. 

Depending on your usage, you can find the ideal Officeworks pinboard, whiteboard & plastic locker for your workplace. Increase your efficiency with the enhanced organization of your stuff