Office Relocation 101: How to Plan Your Office Relocation

An office move might often start out as being something exciting. You will envisage everyone working hard and achieving all of their goals in a new shiny office.

But an office relation takes a lot of planning and organization – not to mention all of the hard work associated with the actual move. 

It can become very overwhelming very quickly. In the midst of the move, you’ll need to think about employee’s happiness, adjustment periods, transitional workflow, and so much more. Where do you even start when it comes to planning an office relocation? 

In this article, we’ll help you out with an office relocation checklist so that you can save stress and get on with the move. 

Planning the Move

Start off around six months ahead of the move by organizing key documents such as insurance records, contracts, and agreements. 

A few months before the move, you can announce that you’ll be switching to a new site. You can do this via email, newsletter, or in the form of a presentation. Make sure all your employees know first and then tell your clients. 

The more detail you can give your employees about the planned move, the better. This will make it easier for them to get their head around the move. 

Start consulting with your team early to see what they’d like to see in the new office. They may want new equipment or standing desks. 

When planning office relocation options, you’ll need to establish your budget and work out how you will pay for all the moving costs. 

Speak with managers in your organization and establish moving-related workflow strategies. You’ll need to manage to keep the business trading somehow while you are in the middle of the move. Work out major company deadlines so that they don’t fall too close to the moving dates. 

Packing and Preparing to Move

From around three months before the move, you should start to pack and prepare your move. Book your movers and enlist a team from your office that will be able to help pack and carry out the move. 

Start to get boxes or crates to start packing up your office. Consider which is the best option for the type of items that need to be moved. 

Work out exactly where your moving trucks will be able to load and unload – at both the old office and the new one. 

Hire a cleaning company to come and clean your old office after you’ve departed. Speak with your building manager to find out whether this is an essential task. 

Office Relocation

In the final few weeks, you’ll need to pack up the office ready for the office relocation. If all your planning has been carried out thoroughly, this should be relatively straightforward. 

Remember, the success of your move lies in the planning. 

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