Office Design Trends in 2023

Office design trends are always changing to adapt to the demands of a continually changing workforce. This post will examine major trends impacting the workplace in 2023 and how Newcastle Office Interiors foster welcoming, effective, and interesting work environments. These trends will undoubtedly affect how you operate next year, whether you’re an office manager, a company owner, or an employee.

1. Develop expressionism

Employers will want to adapt areas and furnishings to accommodate a broad range of people if they wish to entice workers back to their workplace space. What does this signify for architects of offices? Prepare to create areas that can quickly adapt to various circumstances.

As many companies have switched to open floor plans over the past ten years with the help of professionals such as Newcastle Office Interiors, designers will want to provide temporary private rooms where breakout sections formerly were. Consider frosted glass separators, partition walls, and even moveable wooden booths. Further standing workstations and changeable table heights will be part of the furniture’s adaptive modification.

2. Whatever you do, avoid using the word “residential.”

Employers will seek to lessen the disparity between the office and the home with the same purpose. The ensuing fusion of conventional residential and business areas has been referred to as “residential” (by some, but certainly not us).

By implementing this idea, businesses will increasingly include cozy, domestic surroundings that resemble a stylish living room rather than the conventional breakout space or reception area.

Here, all of this year’s home design trends apply—many textures, wooden surfaces, earthy tones, and ambient lighting.

3. Outside of the blue box

The advantages of focusing on workplace sustainability are twofold: 

1) Workers anticipate that their employers will significantly reduce their carbon footprint. 

2) Energy-efficient items and green appliances cut greenhouse emissions, certainly, but they also lower otherwise skyrocketing energy bills. Integrating these efforts into workplace design is as much about talent attraction and retention as it is about doing the right thing.

Employers are adopting energy-saving lights, water coolers, vending machines, and printers because of this. They are even considering using recycled furniture in social areas.

4. The absence of sound

Designers have searched for fashionable ways of sound absorption for years as open-space ideas have become increasingly popular over the last ten years. This problem has persisted even with a minor departure from the open styles we may use. By merging art and design into their products, contemporary sound management systems have gone a long way, eliminating the need for commercial office designers to compromise on atmosphere or aesthetics.

5. To beLEAF it, see it

While having plants in a workplace has certainly never been out of vogue, in 2023, there will be a significant emphasis on bringing the outside in. Expect to hear the phrase “biophilic design” a lot this year. This idea entails imitating and integrating nature to get all the associated physiological and motivational advantages.

Practically speaking, there will be more than just a few potted plants in offices, as flowerboxes, hung macrame planters, and even full green walls take over workspaces to provide warmth and vitality to what can all too often be the chilly and formal office tone.


Operating a “smart workplace” with the help of Spoke Building & Interiors equates to cheaper energy expenses. It is a great way to establish a reputation for being on the leading edge. Employees immediately experience a safer and more pleasant working atmosphere.