Office Design London – here we have a look at this key service

Office design can have a profound impact on business performance – from creating a striking first impression for clients to inspiring staff and in general making a business work better. With creatives frequently drawing inspiration from their surroundings to develop new ideas, UK business owners must reassess their office spaces. It is a key service that can really add some great value.

It is a great investment

Flexible offices have some of the best examples of considered contemporary office design optimised for productivity, and are experiencing strong demand once again as people return to the office. In recent years offices have favoured open plan designs. But the pandemic has fuelled interest in flexible private offices and brought into focus the need to balance productivity and wellbeing. Many flexible offices offer private workspace and quiet spaces along with comfortable breakout areas that foster collaboration. As a service, Office Design in London is now big business.

The wider need for office design

The shape of offices has changed over the last couple of decades, with office design becoming a way to attract talent, increase productivity and creativity, show off the companies modernity and get into architectural design websites and magazines. Google? Office design has become fashionable. With this, work practices are rapidly changing as a result of the ‘work from home’ era of Covid 19. Suddenly, not only are companies offering flexible working hours, multiple work locations within one building, but also work from home. How long the work from home option continues, only time will tell.

These changes are leading to different new concepts for office design and a necessity for flexibility more than ever. This presents a challenge for the designer, to meet the current needs of the organisation. Also to consider the future needs and adaptability required to fulfil them. Good office design has been attributed to improved health and wellbeing of employees. Also for improved productivity, staff retention and sense of community. All the more reason to make invest time and effort in creating a great office design.


There are many variables and factors that will inform a new workplace design. This guide cannot cover all of those variables. However, we will explore some of the design considerations and key points to address when designing a new office. Establishing the requirements of the organisation that will use the office will be one of the first aspects of the design. At this point, input from many of the end users will be useful in creating a picture of the workplace experience that the company are looking to achieve.