Office Cleaning in London

If you’re looking for office cleaning in London, you may be wondering what you can expect from a cleaning company that is going to come in and clean your office. To make sure you choose the right office cleaning company, you really need to know what they offer. Today, we’re looking at office cleaning in London and what you can expect if you choose Cleaning Express for your office cleaning needs. We’re going to focus on our regular office cleaning services first. This will be a breakdown of all the cleaning tasks we typically do in offices all around London. We will then move on to speciality cleaning tasks we provide.

Office cleaning in London – what to expect.

Our regular office cleaning service in London involves all of the daily cleaning tasks that you and your staff don’t have time to do and are not employed to do. So, this can be hoovering the office, mopping, emptying bins, dusting and more. These office cleaning services can be booked in regularly. You can have them every day, once a week, once every two weeks or even once a month. Typically, the most common is once a week.

Our regular office cleaning services in London should be thought of as maid services. We will come in and clean your office really well regularly. We will hoover the floors, empty the bins, dust desks, even water plants. Much like regular home cleaning services, we are here to help keep your space clean and fresh. We also understand that you’re a business, so we can work around your working hours and come into the business to clean at a time to suit you.

Keeping your office tidy is really important for your business and your staff. Research states that having a tidy office to work in improves productivity, makes your employees happy and gives a brilliant first impression to potential customers as well. So, along with our regular office cleaning services in London, we also offer even more cleaning services to help you achieve happy staff and customers.

Deep office cleaning in London

Deep office cleans are the perfect stepping off place if you haven’t had your office cleaned for a while. It’s a top to bottom clean that will bring your office back to life. A deep clean is a perfect way of welcoming your staff and customers back into the office after nearly two years from working home!

Typically, our deep clean customers become long term customers and take advantage of our regular cleaning services too. Again, just like our regular office cleaning services, we understand that you have a business to run. So, our cleaners can work around your working hours to ensure that your business isn’t affected, but it is clean! You can find a full list of what we do during an office deep clean on our website.

Antiviral disinfection cleaning in London for offices

Our regular office cleaning services are extremely important because they keep your staff happy and motivated and give a great first impression to your customers. However, antiviral cleaning is essential right now and is arguably the most important cleaning service we offer at the moment. Our cleaners can enter your office and use a fogging machine to spray a disinfectant that will cover all of the surfaces in the office. This will kill all bacteria and viruses and leave an invisible layer that will protect you and your staff. This is so important if your staff are returning to the office again. Protect your staff and your business from covid-19 with antiviral disinfection cleaning services in London. We can also incorporate this service into our deep cleaning service too. So your office is protected and looks awesome too!

So, these are some of the office cleaning services that we provide all across London to hundreds of offices. Our team of office cleaners are very trustworthy, they turn up on time and get to work straight away. They will work hard to ensure your office space is fresh, clean and inviting to your staff and your customers. For more info about our office cleaning in London, give Cleaning Express a call today. We have all of the commercial cleaning services you need to keep your property clean and safe.