Office Air: How Air Purifiers Improve Productivity

Every office space needs a few staples in order to be a pleasant environment for employees. Lighting, heating and proper furniture are a must, however, there are some extra things that can seriously improve the workplace atmosphere and boost productivity. 

Air purifiers are such items. They’re the reason why it’s nowadays possible to breathe fresh air indoors, which is of huge benefit, especially in large urban areas where there’s rampant pollution that, sadly, won’t go away in near future. So, if you work in your own smart office, or share your office space with others, here are some reasons why air purifiers are a worthwhile investment that will improve productivity inside the office.

They contribute to clean air inside the office

Almost every office struggles with clean air supply. The particulate matter (PM) in the air of office environments plays an important role in the daily human exposure in urban areas. In the winter, it’s too cold to leave windows open for long, while in summer it’s too hot, which means air conditioners are on, and that also requires windows to be shut. Meaning that the same air circulates around the office space. In such cases, investing in a purifier is a great idea, especially due to the fact that office equipment such as photocopiers, printers and scanners emit high levels of ozone and other dangerous chemicals. If your office is small, to begin with, then that’s quite a significant threat, so using an air purifier is definitely a smart way to breathe some fresh air.

Air purifiers will keep the employees healthier and more motivated

Being exposed to dangerous airborne chemicals is likely to have unfavourable effects on the health of employees. Shortness of breath, headaches and dizziness are only some of the symptoms that are connected to something called “Sick building syndrome” that is largely connected to poor air quality indoors. Also, due to the lack of air quality, some also reported the abilities of more long-term health issues such as asthma, allergies and other lung infections. Using an air purifier may significantly reduce those symptoms and improve the health of everyone who works in the office. Preserving the health of employees at work is important because healthy employees will be more motivated and productive.

How to choose the right air purifier for the office? 

Clean air will surely boost the performance of all employees, however, it’s also important to choose the right air purifier. They often vary in size and other specifics, but in order to be sure, it’s best to pick an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter, as that is a gold standard for all air purifiers. Also, since it’s going to be used in the office, then make sure to check the noise levels, since quieter devices are more suitable for a busy workplace environment. In case your office space is pet-friendly or used by a lot of people, then investing in a therapy air purifier will likely be of help, since there’s an option to remove pet’s hair and other pollutants. Also, make sure to choose the purifier of the proper size, since smaller desktop purifiers won’t be that effective.

The bad odours will be a thing of the past

Sometimes, sharing the office space comes with certain downsides, such as unpleasant odours, and there’s not much to do about it. Except, that using an air purifier is a great tool to combat such odours, and keep your office fresh and clean. That is done by trapping gases and reducing pollutants inside the office. In case your office has a kitchen nearby, using an air purifier is an excellent way to remove food odours coming from the kitchen. However, when buying a purifier, make sure to also check for clean-air delivery rate (CADR), which is the general cleaning speed for a room of particular size. 


Thanks to air purifiers, it’s now possible to enjoy pleasant and clean air indoors, regardless of the season or room size. But, when buying an air purifier for the office, it’s important to check for noise level, size and maintenance options, so the employees will be able to experience the full benefits of having such a device at work. There are multiple benefits of using an air purifier inside the office, the biggest one being improved productivity and happier and more fulfilled employees.