NYC Coworking Space Launches Online Investment Pitch Nights & You’re Invited!

The world may have been forced to a temporary halt due to COVID-19. However, it doesn’t mean that you should put your plans of growing your company on hold. There are still many ways that can help you expand your business despite these challenging times. Also, if you look at things from a different perspective, you’ll see that the pandemic has presented better opportunities to entrepreneurs looking for pathways to success post-pandemic.

  1. You have a chance to gain new markets.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, including consumer behavior. With lots of people compelled to stay at home most of the time, many have resorted to getting their needs fulfilled online. So, you can look into your line of products and services and see if you can bring these online where customers can access them from anywhere.

Keep in mind that when you transition your business to cyberspace, you are opening yourself up to a bigger market. You have a chance to offer your products and services to a wider range of consumers locally and internationally. However, this takes a lot of preparation. You may also need staff or contract services in the new territories you want to operate in. 

  1. You have access to a wider pool of talent.

The pandemic has given rise to a new work-from-home normal. It keeps people away from the virus’s reach and helps them have the work-life balance they couldn’t enjoy before. Thanks to advances in technology, you can easily reach this talent through emails, video conferencing, and other software and applications.

You don’t have to ask them to relocate. You can simply make use of their skills wherever they may be. Outsourcing to remote-working contractors around the globe can even save you a lot of money, as you’ll likely get more bang for your buck. Also, they can give you insights into the local culture so that you can tailor your strategies in their area.

  1. You can find more sources for funding.

Another door that the pandemic has opened is the opportunity to connect more easily with investors. You don’t have to settle for the limited pool of local businesses in your city or state, as you can easily go global now. Just as you can connect with skilled individuals from different countries, you can use technology to find investors, too.

Working with companies from other territories can help your business flourish even if it’s facing challenges in your traditional fields of operations. Investors can not only provide funding, but in some cases even provide you with access to their own local markets. These types of international collaborations are on the increase in this new age of innovation.

Be a part of online investment pitch events

The thought of going global may be overwhelming. You may not have any idea where to start. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to do all the work alone. There are startup accelerators that can link entrepreneurs to potential investors from all around the world through global investor online pitch events. 

One example of this kind of event is the Digital Investor Pitch Nights being hosted by New York City’s coworking and events space provider The Farm SoHo, in collaboration with Dubai-based acquisition pathfinder Papyrus Advisory. These events will gather various investors for startups and other types of businesses from all over the globe virtually via Zoom.

The Digital Investor Pitch Nights aim to help entrepreneurs achieve all the goals they have for their business ventures. They are open to startups and freelancers that have just entered the game as well as to more established businesses seeking to expand. All that’s needed is to have a ground-breaking idea that can get investors hooked in just 10 minutes.

The events will give The Farm SoHo community and other entrepreneurs access to Papyrus Advisory’s wide network of international investors who are looking for new opportunities to grow their portfolios. It’s up to Papyrus Advisory to match their clients to established businesses or promising startups through the pitch events.

Interested participants will have to sign up for the events and they will be evaluated with due diligence. All qualified applicants will be given the platform to present their ideas online via Zoom. They are given 10 minutes to convince international investors that they have what it takes to bring their business to the next level. An incredible opportunity for anyone, anywhere, with a great idea and the ambition to see it through to lasting success.


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