NVQ’s in the construction industry and their wider role

There are several key qualifications you need for a career in construction. Some demonstrate you are competent in health and safety, such as a CSCS card. Others prove you are technically skilled.

A lot of the qualifications and certifications you need will depend on the job you play in construction. A site manager will need different qualifications to a crane operator, or a bricklayer, for example.

A CSCS card is not a legal requirement, and it isn’t strictly a qualification either. But most construction firms will ask for one, so we decided to include it anyway. The law states that anyone on a building site must be competent in health and safety and the CSCS card demonstrates competency. Build UK represents the construction industry in the UK and insist on people on their sites having a CSCS card. For example, a person with an NVQ level 2, or who has completed an apprenticeship programme, will be eligible for the ‘skilled worker’ card. A person with a degree or a NEBOSH qualification will be allowed to apply for an Academically Qualified Person card.

An NVQ is a practical qualification. There are several levels to them, and you progress from level 2 upwards to 7. You can choose from a wide range of topics, but most people stick with one subject and become expert in that area, for example trowel occupations or plastering. The beauty of an NVQ is that you are assessed on your experiences and abilities. You demonstrate skills and knowledge you already have, to prove your practical capabilities. If you are looking for what qualifications you need for a job in construction, an NVQ should certainly be on your to-do list as this can be a great and also a quick way to getting yourself moving in the correct and right overall direction too.
There are plenty of other health and safety courses and competency courses that are needed for roles in construction, and many depend on the type of role you have or want to have. If you are unsure as to what courses would suit you or your team best, it is advisable as well as also wise to look at what firms there are out there are offering this as a service and look also to hire someone and a firm to help you get these qualifications too. After all there are no end of these firms dotted across the UK able to help in and across the UK market.