How to Elevate your Process of Nursing Home Billing

The payment for skilled nursing homes is paid by Medicare if the care is necessary medically and is given by physician order. It has to follow an inpatient stay of at least three days. The bill has to demonstrate one key thing, which is the demonstration of medical necessity and the prescribed process of procedure must be filled in with the right charges as well.

It will also include ancillary services costs and other details. Nursing home billing is a specialized segment and needs experienced billers and coders to take the payment forward in the best possible manner.

The best part of working with a team that has the right exposure will be handy in quickening the process of payments and mitigating denials. It helps in reducing the overall costs of operations and improves your stand in the competition as a nursing home in the longer run.

Sunknowledge eliminates challenges

Strong references across the industry, a unique ability to know about the claims adjudication priorities of payers better than anyone else, we are a champion nursing home billing destination. Our team has several success stories of reducing operational costs by almost 70% by working as a reliable operational arm.

Also, we have set benchmarks, removed gaps in the process by offering a full-service approach to the providers that we work with. Our team is confident to offer you both pre and post nursing home billing services and that too for just $7 per hour.

We know how to bring back all your payments on time and understand the roadmap of offering you support customized to your specific needs. We also offer to stand-alone services apart from an end to end approach and have the ability to offer support inpatient verification and demographic entries, medical coding, claims submission, denial management, working on aging accounts receivable, and payment posting.

Get in touch with our experts to know more about how we serve you true value. Sunknowledge has the niche ability to offer assistance and takes pride in our unmatched standards of productivity.