Numerous ways of using coupons, offers, deals, and discounts for boosting sales

These days coupons, offers, deals, and discounts have become common. Shortly online merchants will have to confront whether they should offer discounts and how much value will be worth it. It has emerged as a powerful weapon for online stores in driving their customers towards their services and products. However, if you use it haphazardly, they may do significant damage to your brand. There are some popular ways that you may use for driving your customers and mastering some tricks:

An overall understanding of coupons, offers, and discounts

Offering discount coupons to the customers may be a powerful tool for both customer acquisition and customer loyalty. However, you should have a brand strategy before you start offering discounts. If you desire a position for your brand, then keep in mind that customer loyalty plays an essential role in this regard. In case you have healthy margins, discounting and weekly sales may help you to gain your goals.

However, you may have to consider if the discounts and the types of deals are right for your brand. A lot of research and experimentation is required to understand which option suits you best. It is always advisable to start small and thereby measure the results.

The types of coupons, offers, and discounts

There are a vast number of discounts and offers available at your disposal. Take a look at the different types so that you may opt for the one which suits your brand:

  • Percentage-based discount: one of the most popular ways of offering a discount is through percentage-based deals. It includes smaller incentive percentages ranging between 5 to 10%. Along with it, there are more massive discounts for driving sales ranging between 20 to 25%, which may go up to 50% to liquidate merchandise. You may apply these discounts to multiple products, collections, and locations. They are beneficial for both the buyer and seller.


  • Dollar value discount: they play the role of credit. It develops a feeling in people that they are wasting money if they do not use the deal. In case you are stuck between deciding whether to go for a fixed amount discount or a percentage discount, the general rule is the rule of 100. There are online platforms like org that may assist you in this process. It is always better to go for a percentage discount as it is proportionate to your spending.


  • Free shipping: one of the primary reasons for shopping cart abandonment is shipping costs. By offering free shipping, brands may increase their convenience among the clients. Often, free shipping gets combined with minimum purchase requirements for increasing average value. In most cases, free shipping is combined with seasonal promotions to increase the value of the offer.


  • Gift: everybody likes to get donations. Hence, while purchasing a product online, if you get grants, it increases the average order size. By setting a minimum purchase requirement and volume requirement, facilities can play a positive role in inducing shopping behavior.

It comes without saying that discounts, coupons, and offers to play a significant role inbuilding brand and target customers. By utilizing these discount coupons, you may get hold of your dream purchase at a minimum price.